152x152Big Time Shirt was created to help hobbyists and business owners make amazing shirts.

Shirt making is such a fun and rewarding activity. I made my first shirt when I was about 8 years old at my grandmother’s house. We were ironing vinyl onto a green shirt for my basketball jersey. I thought it was so cool that we were doing this fun activity together. A few years later, I realized that there was good money in the t-shirt making business. Our high school intramural teams all needed jerseys made, so I offered to do them for 50% of what the local shirt making shop was charging. There were about 200 shirts that needed to be made. Needless to say, my mother wasn’t very happy with my using her iron so much.

Soon after, I discovered what a heat press machine was. I checked online for resources on how to use it but couldn’t find any that were both comprehensive and easy-to-follow. That’s why Big Time Shirt was born.

I’m here to make shirt making easy for you. I’ve broken the site into two main sections, helpful articles and product reviews. You can browse these categories or use the search box below.


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