10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Crafters

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Feelings of love are in the air, but so are anxieties and confusions, because valentine’s day is a time of expression. You have to express your love through words and meaningful gifts, but what should you get?

What could be better than a gift crafted with your effort, consideration and love. We’ve listed some of the cutest and most thoughtful gifts that you can craft your valentine.

1. Resin Heart Paperweights

A valentine gift is all about thoughtfulness and consideration, and nothing screams consideration like a resin paperweight with a custom loved filled message. You can add a cheesy line or nickname (Please don’t write Boo in it!) that reminds your significant other of you every time that look at it.

A resin paperweight is easy to make and the guys over at Lovely Indeed have the whole process covered in excruciating detail.

2. Peach Cream Soap

Peach cream soap is exactly what the name implies and a lot more. It looks like a pink peach, and it smells like the fresh breeze of love, initiated by cupid. You can make it at home and you can bet your significant other will other will remember you whenever they use this soap.

Just like their name, Happiness is Home have done all they can to make the creation method simple. You can spread all the happiness and fragrance in your home this Valentine.

3. Decals for Car Enthusiasts

If your valentine is a motor head, then gifting them decals will make their day (And their car, but let’s not go there!). You can get some custom designs made with ease, once you learn how to make decals. You’ll need some basic equipment, and software that can help you create the designs.

You can tap into your creativity and use a simple Photoshop application for the designing process. For the creation and materialization of those designs you’ll need a printer and a beginner vinyl cutter or a cheap vinyl cutter, whatever suits you.

4. Decorations made from Puzzle Pieces

If you want a last moment craft, that can express the same amount of love as any other craft, then this puzzle decoration is just what you need! You can create it from random puzzle pieces and some glue. You can customize it as much as you want for your partner’s living room or lounge.

If you want to make a heart shaped one that can bless your valentine’s day, craft one with the method mentioned in The Soccer Mom Blog. Don’t worry the process isn’t puzzling at all!

5. Valentine’s Day Terrarium

A normal terrarium brings a fresh whiff of air and beauty to your house. A valentine’s day terrarium does the same, but it also increases the love that your partner has for you. There are hundreds of different terrarium ideas available on the internet. However, if you want our opinion, Sugar and Charm have the clearest and easiest to follow crafting instructions.

6. A Painting made with Love

A Painting needs a fair bit of work, but would it even count as a gift if you didn’t put effort into creating it? You can paint something childish or something deep, that appeases your partner. Don’t google pictures because the whole point of giving your significant other a painting is for it to be meaningful.

Try making a painting that has a message that both of you can respect and love. While you rack your brain for the right message and theme, let’s move on to the next valentine’s day gift.

7. Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies

Think about it, fortune cookies that taste good, and are flirtier. With the other crafting ideas, you have limited space and can’t say all of the things that you want to say. There is only so much that you can fit on a pillow!

With fortune cookies, you can add as much compliments and words as you want by creating more fortune cookies. You can get the recipe and the crafting technique at Club Crafted.

8. Custom shirts

You can print a shirt for your significant other at home with amazing screen printing machines for beginners. If you want to make it even more fun, you can learn how to make a homemade screen printer in less than 20 minutes.

Once you learn the basics, you can get down to printing those three beautiful words onto your partner’s custom shirt. You can even make a few extra bucks while you’re at it.

9. Heart Shaped Bookmark

Valentine is all about heart shaped balloons, chocolates and shirts with printed hearts on them. But why not go even beyond, and make a custom bookmark for your significant other. You can add all sorts of messages and personal jokes in there, that only the two of you understand.

Crafting a custom bookmark can’t get any easier. You can make a beautiful heart shaped bookmark with Hey Let’s make Stuff’s method or go full-on creative mode.

10. Crafting Materials

We’re going to take the leisure of assuming that your partner loves crafting as well. What could be a better gift for a crafter than crafting materials? We aren’t talking about old fashioned crafting tools. Anyone can get a paint set or canvas, but what about something more sophisticated.

We are referring to some state of the art but affordable tool that can help your partner kickstart their creativity like a Cricut for making shirts. You can get your partner something like a Brother ScanNCut SDX125. It will allow them to make all of the fashion statements that they had in mind.

Ultimately, it all comes down to you, and the time you have. Craft something for your valentine based on an analysis of their hobbies, preferences etc. The more thought and love you put into your craft, the more your valentine will like it.

Remember, valentine’s day isn’t about expensive or fancy gifts. Valentine’s day is about expressing pure emotions of love and making your partner feel appreciated. Good luck!