10 Crafts to Make for St. Patrick’s Day

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Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! Are you ready? With these easy and fun crafts, you can spice up your holiday with some Celtic flair. If you’re creative, feel free to use these ideas as a guide to craft an original Saint Patrick’s Day craft.

Here are ten crafts you can make for St. Patrick’s Day:

1. Shamrock Rubbings

Shamrock Rubbings is a great craft for younger kids. This activity only requires paper and crayons. Cut out a shamrock from paper and tape it to a flat surface. Allow your youngster to rub a crayon across the top of the paper. Then the outline of a shamrock will appear on the paper below.

It is perfect for any age child and is easily adaptable if you have younger children by simply cutting larger shamrocks or using bigger pieces of paper.

2. Paint Sample Rainbow Craft

This cute rainbow craft is easy to make and requires very little time and money. Start by cutting out paint sample strips into small squares. Glue the squares onto the board in rainbow order (ROYGBIV). For the pot of gold, you can use yellow construction paper or even gold glitter.

Add some cute clouds to the sky or other decorative touches as desired. Bonus points if you incorporate shamrocks into your design!

3. Shamrock T-shirt

This lucky leprechaun t-shirt is a great way to get your kids into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, and it’s super easy to make! All you need is a white t-shirt, fabric paint, a paintbrush and green ribbon. First, outline a shamrock on the front of the shirt with fabric paint.

Then, fill in the shamrock with green fabric paint. Let the paint dry overnight, and then tie a piece of green ribbon around the shirt’s collar to make it look like a bowtie.

4. Potato Prints

The potato print is a classic craft that gets the kids involved and brings them in on the fun of preparing for the big day. Children can use potatoes to make print shamrocks. Cut the potato half lengthwise, and then cut a shamrock shape into one side.

Use green dye or paint and have children stamp their shamrocks onto white paper. To decorate for St. Patrick’s Day, cut each printed shamrock out and glue it to the front of an index card.

5. Handmade Four-Leaf Clovers

It is a great way to make a four-leaf clover with your own hands! Start by cutting out a clover shape from construction paper. Then cut out four smaller hearts from different colors of paper. Place the hearts in the center of the clover and glue them down.

Decorate your clover with buttons, glitter and stickers if you wish. You can use a pipe cleaner to hang the clover on the wall or doorknobs!

6. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo is a fun game that will get your kids in the spirit of the holiday. First, cut out the bingo squares and decorate them with small items of various colors. Give each child aboard and ask them to color or draw objects on each square that match the colors of the items on their bingo boards.

Call out colors and have the kids put a marker over the item they drew that matches the color called out. The first person to cross off five spaces in a row wins!

7. Sparkly Shamrock Necklace

This necklace adds a little Irish sparkle to every day. First, cut the string or elastic cord, so it’s long enough to fit around your child’s neck comfortably with some extra length to spare.

Have your child string three green beads and one gold bead onto the string or elastic, and then string another three green beads. Repeat this pattern until the string is almost full, and then have her tie it in a knot at the end. Trim the ends and wear!

8. Doily Shamrocks

Doily shamrocks are a great way to spruce up your table for St. Patrick’s Day. Initially, fold the doily in half and cut it into a semi-circle to make doily shamrocks. On the straight side of the semi-circle, punch three holes in a triangular pattern.

Fold each hole inward, and then unfold them to stand up like petals on a flower. You can also write “St. Patty” or “Lucky” on each doily before folding it into a shamrock shape. Place the doily shamrock in the center of a plate or napkin.

9. Shamrock Hair Clips

This craft is quick and fun to make and is perfect for dressing up a St. Patrick’s Day outfit. All you need is a shamrock headband or hair clips, clear nail polish, and green glitter. To get started, paint the shamrocks with some clear nail polish.

This not only makes the shamrock shiny, but it also helps the glitter stick to it. Once dry, roll the shamrocks in green glitter and let dry. These are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

10. Toilet Paper Roll Shamrocks

These toilet paper roll shamrocks are a great way to reuse items you already have lying around the house. They also make for cute decorations around the home.

Firstly, cut a toilet paper roll in half and paint it green. Let dry. Cut out three leaf shapes from green construction paper and glue them onto one end of the toilet paper roll. Glue sequins in the middle of each leaf to add some sparkle.


All of these crafts are quick, easy to make, and are great additions to your St. Patrick’s Day decor. For those looking for a way to liven up their home during the holiday, using a little leprechaun magic to do so couldn’t hurt! All it takes is a little bit of imagination, a few supplies, and a little bit of work, and you’ll have a nice little decoration ready for the holiday!


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