10 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Make with a Heat Press

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Valentine’s day will soon be upon us in a few weeks, and if you want to make some quick cash, there are loads of gift ideas you can exploit this season. As lovers shop for endearing gifts they can buy for their loved ones, you can divert some of the cash your way if you are creative with a heat press machine.

Are you a college student with a heat press t-shirt business, or maybe you don’t? It doesn’t matter. Even from the comfort of your home, you can make an attractive valentines day gift with a heat press.

To dash in on the season, here are 10 amazing gift ideas.

1.   Custom Jewelry

Ask many people what they really like as gifts and jewelry will rank high on their list. This item remains the most common gift item offered and received by lovers during the season of love, with billions of dollars worth of jewelry changing hands every season.

People place a lot of value on jewelry but imagine if the jewelry is custom designed imprinted with unique personalized features? That would appreciate it, wouldn’t they? So this season, make plans to customize assorted jewelry with love themes that buyers will find valuable. Bracelets, pendants, earrings, neck chains and any other type of jewelry you can find. You can even offer your creating services to customers by asking them to bring their own jewelry and personalized images to you to work with.

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2. Heart-Shaped Items

Love is a thing of the heart, and nothing captures people’s attention like the heart-shaped sign, which is also a symbol of love. This season, you can get creative with the heart shape, and you have the luxury of choice. Any item of value that you know people are willing to pay for can be designed with the heart-shaped sublimation logo. You can design

  • Coasters
  • Keyholders
  • Anniversary dates
  • Lovely phrases
  • Heartfelt captions

And anything you can think of. For generic items, the most important thing is not the intrinsic value of the item per se but the intention boldly displayed in the heart shape sign.

To improve the value of your gifts, get creative with your designs. With red being the base color, you can incorporate different colors and themes into your design. And there are loads of places you can get design inspiration from.

There are baby shows, popular TV shows, pop culture and even social media. The key is to study trends and identify those that evoke feelings of love and appreciation. The idea is to keep your designs original and heartwarming. You can also get design ideas from other online gift stores.

Source: Coastal Business Supplies

3. Mugs

Another excellent Valentine’s Day gift item is mugs. If you are a stay-at-home mum with a creative side hustle, this is one niche you should definitely explore. The amazing thing about mugs is that they can be used for a long time, unlike many other gift items. And each time the recipient uses the mug, they capture the memory of love all over again.

And if you must know, during Valentine season, the demand for mugs is out of this world, so this presents an opportunity to make quick-fire sales. If you search online stores, you will see thousands of gift mugs on sale which presents both an opportunity and a challenge because these search results indicate that many people are actually looking for gift mugs to buy. A challenge because with so many sellers offering the same items, the competition is stiff. However, you can be creative with your designs, so yours will stand out.

Consider attractive colors like

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple

If you use mugs with attractive colors, you will have different design options you can implement. The next thing will then be to use your heat press tool to customize the mugs. Using different colors that blend with the mug color will add even more value to your offerings.

Source: Coastal Business Supplies

4. Custom T-shirts

One of the easiest gift designs you can customize with a heat press during the season of love is custom T-shirts. Valentines Day T-shirts are very common and much sought after. If you don’t want to reduce your expenditure more than necessary, this low-budget option is the way to go.

The trick is to first pick attractive T-shirts with rich colors. White or black shirts are great because they give you a foundation to mix colors, but other colors will work well too.

There are different Sister patterns you can use with your Heat Press device but just make sure that you use warm colors that will attract and evoke the sentiments of all who see your designs.

Source: Coastal Business Supplies

5. Galentine’s Day

Another tradition that is fast gaining traction that you can exploit is Galentine’s Day. This phenomenon started in 2010 as part of pop culture, and it has taken root ever since then. Galentine’s Day is celebrated on the 23rd of February, a day before Valentine’s day which is February 14th. This is a day dedicated especially to women and celebrating female friendship. You can design gifts and offer them at discounted prices either apart or in addition to your main gift offerings. Make sure you use girly themes that will appeal to womenfolk.

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6. Dish Towel Decors

Dish towel decors may not seem like much, but they do. We all need dish towels to wipe the moisture off our dishes after washing them, don’t we? And after we are done, we need to hang them somewhere. Now imagine receiving a gift that you would use for the foreseeable future? Similar to the sentiments evoked by mugs, a gift towel décor is something that will last long and the longer it does, the more valuable it becomes to the user.

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7. Treat Bag

Treat bags for storing candies and other appetizers may not look like much to adults, but they are to children. Kids also receive gifts from adults like their parents, uncles and aunts and older siblings during Valentine’s. But the problem is that most adults don’t know what to get kids. Well, you can help them out by using your heat press to make personalized treat bags, or even a tic tac board kids would appreciate.

Source: iCraft Vinyl

8. Valentine Card

Cards are some of the oldest gifts exchanged during festive seasons, and they never go out of fashion. You can customize handmade cards using adhesive vinyl. Adding remarkable custom features to the card will make it all the more valuable.

Source: iCraft Vinyl

9. Pillowcases and Beddings

If your want to strike very close to home, consider making pillowcases and beddings for Valentine’s. This is one gift with a lot of sentimental value, and people will pay top dollar for them, especially if they carry warm messages or images.

Source: iCraft Vinyl

10. Hats and bags

Hats and bags are other gift ideas you can explore. Tote bags are very easy to customize with heat press machines, and so are caps. But make sure you use flexible options that are easy to manipulate.

Source:  iCraft Vinyl