10 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Make with a Vinyl Cutter

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Valentine’s day is a special season of love where everyone gets to express their love as best as they possibly can. And during this season, gifts change hands more than any other season besides Xmas time. If you are good with vinyl cutters and wish to make quick bucks this coming Valentine, here are 10 amazing gift items you can make.

The gift ideas on our list are very easy to make. With the right materials, you can create lovely items that people will appreciate and be all too willing to pay for.

1. Valentine Bookmarks

Gift bookmarks are lovely items school-going children will appreciate, especially when it is given to them by a loved one. If you have kids or relatives in school, creating a custom bookmark and adding a personalized theme to the design is something they will appreciate as a gift. Or better still, you can design them for sale online. You may even add the bookmark as a bonus item to any other item you sell just to stimulate sales. Bookmarks are not the most expensive gift items, but they are still appreciated all the same.

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2. Love Blocks

You can make a décor piece using customized love blocks created with vinyl letters. If your cutter is sharp enough, you can cut out cardboard or any other craft material. Making love blocks may require a lot of care and attention to detail, but you will be impressed with the blocks if you are able to pull it off.

Once you cut out the love blocks, you will need to cost the back of each piece with glue, so make it stick to your décor/furniture

Source:  BestVinylCutters

3. DIY Box

Boxes are objects we use in storing valuable items but did you know that you can make DIY boxes on your own. All you will need is the box itself which may be made of steel, plastics or wood. Then you will need the vinyl roll and some extra glue if you so wish.

Lucky for you, there are different Vinyl roll designs sold on the market, and all you need to do is incorporate your own design to make it better. If you are creative, your box will come out looking like the finished article that it should be.

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4. Etched Glass Tumbler

Cups, mugs and tumblers are some of the most common gifts given out during Valentine’s because they hold long-term value. If you want to make customized tumblers for sale or as a personal gift of yours to a loved one, we will advise that you buy a quality set. You will also need the vinyl roll, transfer tape and some etching cream. Be mindful of how you cut the roll since it must fit the circumference of the cup.

A well-designed tumbler is a gift anyone will appreciate.

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5. Customized T-Shirts

Customized T-Shirts are another popular option of many. Shirts are easy to design, and they hold long-term value as well. If you know how to use vinyl cutter for t-shirts, this is the season to utilize your skills and get paid for them. Or to express your love and appreciation to others for adding value to your life.

Use attractive themes or words that strike a cord in the mind of all who see it, and you will be amazed at the feedback you will get from people who will appreciate your creativity.

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6. Customized Coasters

Do you belong to a beer club or have friends or relatives who love to enjoy a drink every once in a while? You will be amazed to know that coasters hold much more value than many will openly admit. They may not look like much, but a customized coaster set passing a message of love is much more valuable than a bland coaster. The key is to add themes and messages of love to each unit, and you will have an entire coaster set of immense value.

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7. Monkey Theme Candy Jar

This is definitely one gift many kids will appreciate. All you need is a jar made of glass, plastic or any other durable material. You adhesive vinyl, transfer tape and of course, your Vinyl cutter. You can also include any other design piece of your choosing, like paper-cut monkeys.

Cut the vinyl with your cutter size and wrap it around the jar, then stick the monkeys or any other design elements to it.

For greater value, fill up the jar with candies, and you will be amazed to see your little one grinning with a smile from ear to ear once you present it to him.

Source: : Burton Avenue

8. Plastic Containers

Plastic containers for keeping cooking condiments or minuscule items in the kitchen cabinets are in huge demand these days. Just like the monkey-themed candy containers listed above, the approach to creating this type of gift item is similar. You need the same materials and a laser-cut design for added value. Consider picking a Vinyl roll and design theme with the same color as the container or a color that blends el with the color. You are free to be creative as much as you want to be.

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9. Piggy Bank

Piggy banks come in different shapes and sizes, so you want to choose wisely. For marketing purposes, you want to choose features that are trendy and mainstream. But if it is for a person, you know you want to personalize the gift. Animal-styled light banks are very popular features. Elephants, Pigs, Dinosaurs and other large animals are popular features.

Choosing the piggy bank first is important since the color and size of the light bank should influence your Vinyl choices and creative options.

Source: Burton Avenue

10. Gift Basket

Last but not least of our 10 Valentine’s Day gifts to make is a gift basket.

Personalized gift baskets are easy to design with a vinyl cutter, and you are at liberty to put a thing you like into the basket. If it is a DIY basket for someone you know, it’s even easier since you can fill it up with items you know that they like. Personalized Gifts baskets are better as DIY gift items rather than as marketable items, but for the latter, you can still pull it off, but you have to be creative.

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The 10 gift ideas discussed below are inexpensive options that will be appreciated by recipients if you design them well. But make sure you know the right angle to use when handling your vinyl cutter, and everything will come out just fine.

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