5 Best Cheap Vinyl Cutters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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When scouting for a cheap vinyl cutter, you want a gadget that will get the job done without having to break the bank. Vinyl cutters stand anywhere between a few hundred dollars for cheaper brands to a few thousand for more pricey brands. This buying guide sources out the best vinyl cutters on the market that are very affordable without sacrificing quality.

Best Cheap Vinyl Cutters

Below, we look through a list of our top five cheap vinyl cutters on the market you can get on a budget.

1. VEVOR Plotter Vinyl Cutter 28 Inch Machine

Vevor Vinyl Cutter 28 Inch Plotter Machine 720mm Paper Feed Vinyl Cutter Plotter Signmaster Software

The VEVOR Plotter Vinyl Cutter is a top of the line, cheap vinyl cutter that boasts of impressive reviews. It is compact, yields highly flexible cuts, and comes with a user-friendly control module. It is adaptable to different paper widths and is compatible with a host of operating systems.

  • Is affordable and highly functional.
  • Compact design yields flexible cuts, and easy to control.
  • Great adaptability to different paper sizes and operating systems.
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2. USCutter 28 Inch MH Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Uscutter 28 Inch Mh Vinyl Cutter Plotter With Stand And Vinylmaster Cut

This gadget boasts of impressive cutting dimensions and is the ideal low-budget option for the vinyl craft enthusiast and small art business. It is designed to make quick cutting work of a wide range of materials with its flexible cutting speed and force. It also comes with free VinylMaster cutting software to ensure you get to work as soon as possible.

  • Is affordable and comes with impressive cutting dimensions.
  • Great material flexibility.
  • Comes with free cutting software.
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3. Cricut Joy Machine

Cricut Joy Machine Compact And Portable Diy Machine For Quick Vinyl, Htv Iron On And Paper Project

This little buddy stands out among the big boys with its superb compactness, portability, and user-friendly operation. It is designed to quickly write, cut, and make labels, It boasts of impressive cuts for its size, is easy to operate, and connects seamlessly with a mobile device or computer to upload designs and bring them to life. The Cricut Access also offers you with over 100,000 designs to choose from and start your project.

  • Very compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Impressive cutting power and connectivity.
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4. CARESHINE 28 Inch Plotter Machine

28 Inch Plotter Machine 720mm Paper Feed Vinyl Cutter Plotter Sign Cutting Plotter Machine With Stan

This low-budget vinyl cutter comes with good cutting capabilities and adjustable components that emphasize great material flexibility. It also boasts of a user-friendly control; a digital display backed with large control buttons and is easily compatible with different Windows operating systems.

  • Comes at a low purchasing cost.
  • Great material flexibility.
  • Good control and compatibility.
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5. VEVOR Vinyl Cutter Machine

Vevor Vinyl Cutter

The VEVOR Vinyl Cutter is a low-budget gadget that comes with impressive accessories like a paper basket, stand for stability, and a free, easy to use cutting software. Precise control is possible with the digital LCD display and buttons for great material flexibility. It is the ideal vinyl cutter for the craft enthusiast and comes with an impressive return policy.

  • Comes with great accessories.
  • Is affordable and sports great controls.
  • Versatile Use: Cut sticker and decal vinyl, masking film for painting or etching, scrapbook papers, card stock, as well as various T-shirt heat transfer media
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Cheap Vinyl Cutter

When shopping for a cheap vinyl cutter, you want to go for a gadget that will give you the desired results without breaking the bank. A major concern is the quality of the machine you’re getting. The right cheap vinyl cutter should provide a good balance between low cost and impressive functionality.

Choosing the right cheap vinyl cutter pools together a set of considerations we will now look at.

Our buying guide reviews the best cheap vinyl cutters on the market to help you get the best product while staying on a budget.


A point already emphasized the price of the vinyl cutter is the first factor you want to consider. Vinyl cutters can stand anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for more expensive brands. Since you want a cheap gadget, you want to go as low as possible. Not too low, however.

The price and quality of any gadget are directly proportional; meaning the higher the price, the higher the perceived quality (most times). So you want a balance between low cost and sufficient quality. It is generally advised you go for trusted brands, but they usually come a bit expensive.

Material Adaptability

For any cheap vinyl cutter and any type of vinyl cutter for that matter, how compatible the machine is to any material is an important consideration to make. As a DIY hobbyist, you will be working with a host of materials for different crafts and you want a machine that will seamlessly handle them.

While vinyl is the main medium considered here, a great vinyl cutter should be able to handle other materials easily. This factor coins from your intended craft project. For light materials, compact, lightweight models are a great choice.

If you, however, want to handle thicker and tougher materials, then a bigger machine is the way to go.


Vinyl cutters connect with a mobile device or personal computer to receive cutting information in the form of a virtual design. How compatible your vinyl cutter is will determine how easy it is to set up and hence, operate. Many vinyl cutters support Windows and other Pentium-based operating systems, and fewer, Mac operating systems.

The operating system of your computer will determine the type of machine you buy. Always make sure you check the compatibility labels to know what you are getting.

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