5 Best Die Cutting Machines for Fabric (Reviews Updated 2022)

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With a wide range of die cutters available on the market, choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task. When it comes to cutting heavier materials, such as fabric, there are a few that stand out amongst the rest. Take a look at the following list to help you choose the best fabric die cutting machine to suit your needs.

Best Die Cutting Machines for Fabric

Here are our fabric die cutting machine reviews

1. AccuQuilt Ready. Set. GO! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System

Accuquilt Ready. Set. Go! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System

This heavy duty AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine is perfect for big projects; it can handle cutting up to 6 layers of fabric in one pass, saving you tons of time. This machine has been proven to be 90% faster than rotary cutters or scissors.

  • Comes as a box set, including over 70 patterns, die packs, a pattern book and much more
  • Additional one-year warranty with option to expand an extra 6 months
  • Designed to help reduce hand and arm strain—great for seniors
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2. Cricut Cuttlebug 3 Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

Sizzix Sidekick Manual Die Cutting And Embossing Machine

Apart from cutting fabrics, the Cricut Cuttlebug can be used for cutting delicates such as tissue paper, felt and card stock. This machine features a collapsible handle and fold-in working space, perfect for easy storage when not in use.

  • Includes an A2 embossing folder and two metal cutting dies
  • Simple low-tech design, easy for anyone to use
  • Compatible with a range of leading embossing folders and metal cutting dies
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3. Sizzix 660340 Manual Die Cutting Machine

Sizzix Sidekick Manual Die Cutting And Embossing Machine

The Big Shot is an extremely versatile machine; compatible with both the smallest and largest plastic-backed dies and embossing tools that Sizzix has to offer. Built to handle heavy fabrics and materials, the Big Shot Plus is perfect for the craftsmen interested in quilt-working and other heavy-duty projects. Use this machine to create unique cards, scrapbook pages, fashion accessories and home décor—just to name a few.

  • Suitable for a multitude of materials from cardstock and tissue to fabrics, balsa wood, cork and felt.
  • Compatible with the entire Sizzix library, excluding Pro dies.
  • Large platform means you can use larger materials for big projects.
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4. Sizzix 660425 Big Shot Machine

Sizzix 660425 Big Shot Machine

A smaller, more compact model of the Sizzix 660340, this die cutter is an easy-to-use machine for both beginners and experts alike. Similar to the Sizzix 660340, this machine is fully compatible with the entire Sizzix product library, excluding Bigz Plus and Bigz Pro dies.

  • Best value of the Big Shot series
  • Embosses and die-cuts a wide rang of fabrics and materials up to 6” wide.
  • Easily transportable, weighing in at 7.5lbs.
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5. ZONEPACK Manual Leather Die Cutting Machine

Zonepack Manual Leather Die Cutting Machine

Don’t let the name fool you, like most die cutting machines, the Zonepack can cut more than just leather, it is perfect for heavy fabrics too. Made from high quality steel, this cutting machine is capable of exerting up to 1 ton of pressure.

  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Considering its steel construction, this machine is lightweight
  • Suitable for fabric up to 23mm
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Fabric Die Cutting Machine Buyer’s Guide

If you’re into quilting and fabric work, then a manual die cutting machine will be your biggest ally. Durable, portable and easy to use, these heavy-duty die cutting machines are all capable of cutting multiple layers at once, saving you tons of time. Our buyer’s guide is here to help you iron out the kinks and select the best fabric die cutting machine that will have you quilting in no time.

Choosing the best machine for the job

Not all die cutting machine are made equal; different machines have different purposes. When selecting the best machine for your fabric cutting needs, make sure to carefully read over the machine specs, especially if you plan on cutting heavy materials on a regular basis.

Manual vs. electronic

This really comes down to the size of the projects you want to take on. For small projects, like scrapbooking and card making, a manual machine will do just fine. If you’re interested in bigger projects, like quilting, then an electronic cutting machine will be your best bet.


As heavier materials (such as fabric) put more of a strain on your machine, blades and dies, choosing a machine that is sturdy and reliable is a must. Look for a strong, durable machine and weed out any options that are more suited to delicate materials.

A note on project size

This can’t be stressed enough: some of the biggest complaints we hear about fabric die cutting machines are to do with the specs. You must have an idea of the size of projects you plan to work on before making your purchase. You can’t expect to quickly whip together a quilt using a manual machine, passing one or two dies at a time.

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