5 Best Heat Press Machines for Hats (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Hat heat presses have been around for decades, pressing our favorite designs onto our favorite gear. Unlike standard heat presses, the hat heat press features a curved design to ensure the quality of the design transfer.

Check out these top five hat heat presses to help you make the right decision for your own hat-pressing needs.

Best Heat Press Machines for Hats

Here are our hat heat press reviews.

1. VEVOR Hat Press

Vevor Hat Press

Rotating a full 360 degrees, the VEVOR Swing-Away Hat Press allows you complete access to the material you’re working on. This design also includes a multi-spring pressure plate that distributes pressure evenly across the entire platen. This ensures a more even, crisp transfer to the hat.

  • Spring-loaded cap tensioner holds the cap flat during pressing
  • Accurate digital temperature control
  • Compact design is fitting for both business and personal use
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2. MOPHORN Hat Press Machine

Mophorn Hat Press Machine

The MOPHORN Hat Press Machine is one of the best on the market. It features an aluminum heating plate that lasts over 20 times longer than the competition’s silicone heating pads, allowing you to press 20 times more hats! This press also sports a user-friendly design that allows you to keep a safe distance from the heating elements while pressing.

  • 0-399℃ temperature range
  • Digital LCD Timer with audible alarm
  • Heavy-duty steel frame for heightened stability and durability
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3. YESCOM Desktop Heat Press

Yescom Desktop Heat Press

The YESCOM Desktop Heat Press offers quality while still maintaining its affordability. This portable hat heat press features a microcomputer control that consistently monitors both the time and temperature during the hat-pressing job. It also comes with two mounting clamps to hold the hat in position, leaving no room for mistakes.

  • 0-430℉ temperature range
  • 3 ⅛” x 5 ½” working size for various cap sizes
  • Ideal for baseball caps
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4. Smarketbuy Digital Hat Press

Smarketbuy Hat Press

The Smarketbuy Hat Press is perfect for small business owners or those testing out hat pressing for the first time. This hat press features the clamshell design, the simplest of the designs. And with its non-stick coating it makes jobs easy and mess-free.

  • Lockdown lever to secure the cap
  • Cast-in tubular heating elements for smooth pressing
  • Displays live digital temperature readout
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5. MOPHORN 4-in-1 Hat Press

Mophorn 4 In 1 Hat Press

MOPHORN is a staple for precision and affordability in the hat-pressing world and this product is no different. The MOPHORM 4-in-1 Hat Press allows the user to press up to four different hat sizes making it the epitome of convenience. This versatility allows you to take your hat pressing business to the next level by being able to press many different types of hats.

  • Gas spring design for more convenient use
  • Various design applications
  • Even heating for smooth transfer
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Hat Heat Press Machine Buying Guide

Making an informed decision on the type of hat heat press machine to purchase for yourself or your business is critical to your success as a creator.  With the right heat press in tow, you can create masterpieces while also saving time, energy, and money. Here are a few essential tips for identifying the best heat press for you.


Hat heat presses typically come in two different styles; clamshell and swing-away. Each is used for different purposes that you will want to keep in mind while shopping.

Clamshell Heat Press

The clamshell hat heat press is one of the more popular types of machines, as they can print on many different types of material. They’re also one of the most affordable and are typically smaller in size.

This heat press gets its name from how it opens and closes like a clam. Some downsides to this are that the machine does not allow much access to the material, and it doesn’t transfer well onto thicker hat materials like toboggans.

Swinger/Swing-Away Heat Press:

The swinger/swing-away heat press differs from the clamshell in that it allows more access to the material being pressed. With this type of machine, the top platen can be moved aside and the user can continue working without fear of burning their hands. This is very important if you are wanting to design different parts of the hat.

Unlike the clamshell press, it does allow the pressing of those thicker materials. But in turn, these hat presses do tend to take up more space.


Consider what type of designs you will want to create for your hats. While some hat press machines are better at pressing patterns, others can press portraits and labels. You will want to do your research on the type of designs that your heat press can accommodate.


Some hat heat presses come with built-in clasps or levers to secure the hat during pressing. This creates a smooth surface for the machine to print onto.

This is extremely important because, without it, this could cause the design to not print properly and/or the wrinkles not to be released. Altogether, you would be left with a poor quality job along with time and money wasted.

Platen Size

Because our hats are so versatile, our hat presses should be too. The ideal hat heat press should have interchangeable platens for the various hat sizes and shapes. This ensures that you won’t have to comprise on a job well done.

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