5 Best Heat Press Machines for Mugs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For the home runner with an eye for class, the heat press offers a way to quickly bond beautiful imprints and creative designs on mugs. Finding the ideal heat press can be a herculean task, thanks to the countless brands that promise the best your money can buy. The right heat press should yield enough heating power without causing any damage, should have excellent controls, should be easy to operate and come with features that emphasize user safety.

Best Heat Press for Mugs

Below is a list of our top five heat press machines for mugs on the market to help organize your options and ensure you make productive choices.

1. F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine

F2c Pro 5 In 1 Combo Heat Press Machine T Shirt Hat Cap Mug Plate Digital Transfer Sublimation Machi

The F2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine is a versatile heat press machine that can be used for both Mugs, Plates, Hats and T-shirt designs. It comes with impressive heating power and a swing-away design that provides a large surface area to work and lower the risk of accidentally burning yourself. It also comes with features that emphasize great durability and is easily adjustable in height to fit different work sizes.

  • It is built from durable steel for great impact resistance and durability.
  • Professional swing-away design and 360-degree rotation.
  • Comes with a detachable cradle.
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2. Super Deal Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine

Super Deal Pro 5 In 1 Heat Press Machine Multifunction Sublimation T Shirt Press Machine Hat Mug Pla

The Super deal heat press machine is incredibly flexible and easy to use. Its Teflon coating is built to ensure a non-stick, durable surface that will last you a long while. It is the perfect choice for putting your designs on mugs, plates, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, letterings and more.

  • Has a full range pressure-adjustable knob.
  • Professional swing-away design with full 360-degree rotation.
  • Adjustable temperature and time range.
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3. VEVOR Heat Press Machine

Vevor Heat Press 12 X 15 Inch Heat Press Machine 5 In 1 Digital Multifunctional Swing Away Heat Pres

The VEVOR heat press machine is designed for precision and uniform heat distribution for outstanding results. It is a great match for both industrial and professional home use and will bond your designs quickly thanks to its impressive power. It is highly versatile to different items like caps, shirts, mugs, plates, ceramic tiles and a variety of flat surfaced items.

  • Built with intelligent digital LED control.
  • Adjustable height and great item versatility.
  • Ergonomic features for easy operation.
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4. HikeGeek 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine

5 In 1 Heat Press Machine 12 X 15 Inch Professional Digital Transfer Sublimation Swing Away For Hat

The Hikegeek 5 in 1 heat press machine boasts of impressive adaptability to transfer patterns on cotton, metals, mugs, mats, and so on. Its swing-away design enables a 360-degree rotation of the upper platen and user safety. Its fixed rod design allows for superb steadiness and uniform pressure distribution of pressure for precision.

  • Non-stick, high-temperature resistant layer for easy cleaning and damage-free operation.
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure.
  • Great work variety.
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5. Mophorn Heat Press Machine

Mophorn Heat Press 15x15inch 8pcs Heat Press Machine Multifunctional Sublimation Dual Led Display He

This Mophorn heat press is an 8 in one heat transfer equipment and comes in impressive dimensions. Its swing-away design provides a large surface area to help avoid injury while at work. This multifunctional heat press machine also comes with a digital-led controller to enable temperature settings and time delays.

  • Impressive power backed with superb controls.
  • Teflon-coated heat press element for non-stick, evenly distributed temperature surface.
  • Adjustable height settings.
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Heat Press for Mugs Buying Guide

The heat press is a great gadget to quickly transfer beautiful patterns and designs to your mugs, plates, jars, and other surfaces. Whether you are heat press newbie or are scouting for an upgrade to your existing machine, some careful considerations have to be made to ensure you go for a gadget that will serve you efficiently, and for long.

Our buying guide reviews the best heat press for mugs on the market to help you make a well-informed choice on the final gadget you’ll go for and get to beautifying items as soon as possible.

Power Rating and Size

The first consideration to make when scouting for a heat press for mugs is the power rating. Usually labeled in Watts, it gives a numerical value on how much heat energy the machine provides for bonding per unit time.

The greater the power rating, the hotter the heating surface can be for a fixed heating area. The power of the heat press you’ll go for will depend on the kind and amount of work you’ll be doing. Also bear in mind that the greater the power rating, the greater the electricity costs to run it.

For simple, low-frequency projects, a small heat press is ideal and will serve you well. If you’re running a business and want to work with different items, then a higher rated gadget may be the preferred choice.

The physical dimensions of whatever heat press you go for will play a major role in your work efficiency. It is advisable to purchase a machine that would fit into the available space in your home or business environment.

An oversized heat press will mean wasted electricity costs, a stuffed workspace, and difficult maintenance. An undersized machine will slow down work and may not bond well with the surface.


It is always a great idea to define your budget before you start shopping. Heat press machines can get quite pricey for bigger models and are cheaper for smaller models.

While you may naturally tend to assume higher price signals superior quality, there is a great variety of heat press machines that would perform excellently and still fit into your budget.

Heating Surface and Safety Mechanisms

When shopping for a heat press, always look out for products with protected surfaces. A good protective material to look out for is Teflon. It ensures a high temperature resistant, non-stick surface that will yield excellent results. It also enhances uniform temperature distribution and helps prevent bonding profile flaws.

Safety mechanisms are also featured to look out for. Great heat presses come with swing-away designs that help keep the hot surface from accidental contact when not in use.

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