5 Best Heat Press Machine For T-Shirts (Reviews Updated 2022)

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There are a variety of heat press machines to choose from for t-shirts. The best heat press machine for t-shirts allows you to set your own time and temperature, suitable for the material you are using. When deciding to buy the right heat press machine for t-shirts, take into consideration the amount of electricity it uses to complete a design and if it’s safe for home outlets.

Best Heat Press Machine For T-Shirts

Here are our t-shirt heat press reviews.

1. Super Deal Digital PRO Swing Away Heat Press

Super Deal Pro Digital Heat Press

The Super Deal Digital PRO Swing Away Heat Press is the best option for t-shirts because of its customizability. The heat, time, and pressure settings are all customizable which provides the best results for nearly any fabric material.

  • Alerts you when time is done
  • A non-stick coating for high-quality results every time
  • Even distribution of heat and pressure
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2. Fancierstudio Power and Digital Heat Press

Fancierstudio Power Heat Press

The Fancierstudio Power and Digital Heat Press is the perfect starter kit to kick off your t-shirt business. This heat press machine is great for t-shirts because of its large 15” x 15” worktable and clamshell design. You will see consistent results every time with this heat press.

  • Long handle for user safety
  • Heat reaches 400 degrees
  • Adjustable pressure
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3. Cricut Easy Press Mini Heat Press Machine

Cricut Easy Press Mini

The Cricut Easy Press Mini Heat Press Machine is a lightweight, on the go heat press machine that is perfect for those needing small t-shirts pressed. Users can create t-shirts anywhere with a flat surface which makes this heat press versatile in its own way. It’s also priced more affordably for those that aren’t pressing often.

  • Automatically shuts off when not in use
  • Three heat settings for various materials
  • Ceramic coated heat plate
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4. F2C Pro 5 in 1 Transfer Sublimation Machine Heat Press

F2c Pro Heat Press

The F2C Pro 5 in 1 Transfer Sublimation Machine Heat Press is great for beginners pressing t-shirts because of the unique three safety handles on the upper platen. Its 12 x 15-inch workstation is suitable for small to large t-shirts, and the swing-away design will ensure safety from burns as well. Another reason this heat press machine is great for t-shirts is because of the adjustable knob to match the thickness of the t-shirt.

  • Alarm lets user know the garment is finished
  • LED time and temperature display
  • Easily remove padding
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5. HikeGeek 8 in 1 Swing Away Machine Heat Press

Hikegeek 8 In 1 Swing Away Machine Heat Press

The HikeGeek 8 in 1 Swing Away Machine Heat Press is great for more than just t-shirts because it allows you to work on eight surfaces. Its compact size will work great in any size workspace, and the built-in fuse provides added safety for beginner users. This heat press is great for t-shirts because of the full range pressure adjustment knob.

  • Temperature and time display on an LCD screen
  • Exchangeable platform to size different t-shirts
  • Removable silicone and cotton pad
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Heat Press Machine For T-Shirts Buying Guide

Choosing a satisfactory heat press for your business or personal pleasure is very essential for your needs and the needs of your clients to provide professional quality and a long-lasting impression.

A heat press that is best for t-shirts will have an easy setup to begin pressing, a large platen to place your t-shirt, and temperature and time control for overheat protection. These features will yield better results than using an iron or other means of applying heat to your materials.


There are different types of heat presses that will often provide different outcomes on t-shirts. Some designs provide multiple functions while others are simpler.


The clamshell design is often best if you want to work with t-shirts and nothing else. This traditional design will apply heat and pressure evenly through and often comes with a large work table to press any size t-shirt.

However, if you want to press sweatshirts, you may want to choose another design because the clamshell doesn’t work well with thick garments.


The Swing-away design provides a more customized experience for the user. This design is great for t-shirts because you can conveniently swing the upper platen away from the garment to allow the garment to cool on the lower platen before trying to remove it. This provides a safer experience for the user.

Machines with this design also feature customizable heat and pressure settings so you can press sweatshirts and other garments with ease. However, you have to be careful with this because you could easily apply too much pressure to a garment and result in a burnt t-shirt.


Almost all heating press machines are made with a silicone pad and cotton pad for safe use that is removable. A very important feature of the heat press is that it has a Teflon coating. It allows the material to be easily removed without sticking to the surface.

For vinyl presses you will need to provide your own vinyl transfer paper. This paper is used to create your design to apply it to your t-shirt. Vinyl is heat protected and will not cause your paper to burn.


For the most durable and long lasting results, you may want to invest in a sublimation heat press. This style of heat press transfers heat in a way that makes the product last long without fading. These heat presses are also surprisingly affordable which is making them increase in popularity all the time.


To refrain from any injury, keep out of reach of children. Products can be very hot. Make sure to completely unplug the heat press before walking away and not just turning it off.

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