5 Best Irons for Heat Transfer Vinyl (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The great thing about heat transfer vinyl crafting is that it can be accomplished with a standard household iron. Sure, a heat press is highly recommended if you are planning on producing large quantities of t-shirts and products with the intention of selling them, but for the hobbyist looking to make a few t-shirts here and there for friends and family, a standard iron will do the trick.

Best Irons for Heat Transfer Vinyl

Here are our reviews of the best irons for heat transfer vinyl.

1. BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron

Beautural 1800 Watt Steam Iron With Digital Lcd Screen

This iron is great for all of your heat transfer needs. Complete with 9 pre-set modes and an LCD screen, this iron will have you pressing your favorite designs into your shirts in no time.

  • Auto shut-off when the iron is left motionless
  • Self-cleaning mode to keep your iron functioning at its best
  • Ceramic coated soleplate for easy gliding performance on all materials
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2. Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron for Clothes

Professional Grade 1700w Steam Iron For Clothes With Rapid Even Heat

Durable and heavy, this iron, from PurSteam, practically does the pressing for you. Lightly glide this iron over your vinyl designs and watch as its stainless steel soleplate brings your creations to life.

  • Easy-to-use thermostat and controls
  • Even Heat Technology cuts ironing time in half
  • 3-way shut off system for safety
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3. Sunbeam Steam Master 1400 Watt

Sunbeam Steam Master 1400 Watt 

This iron is perfect for DIY arts and crafts. No leaks or messes to worry about with this iron’s anti-drip technology.

  • 8-foot retractable cord for easy storage
  • 3-way Motion Smart technology for safety when not in use
  • Spray and mist control for precision ironing
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4. Shark Steam Iron

Shark Steam Iron

This compact iron is perfect for any small graphics and details you may want to press. Quick to pre-heat, you’ll be pressing your favourite designs in no time at all.

  • Perforated, stainless steel soleplate makes for easy gliding
  • Auto shut-off system for your safety
  • Comes will filling flask for easy top-ups
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5. Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watts Steam Iron

Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron

This iron, from Rowenta, works perfectly will all heat transfer vinyl. Use the thermostat knob to select the best temperature for your vinyl and you’re ready to go.

  • 3-way shut of system to prevent accidents
  • Heavy weight so you don’t have to press hard
  • Built-in auto cleaning system
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Irons for Heat Transfer Vinyl Buyer’s Guide

Faulty or uneven heat distribution can hinder the quality of your vinyl transfers.

Although any old household iron can get the job done, it is highly recommended, for your benefit, that you are using a modern iron with heat controls that you can trust.

Our buyer’s guide is here to help you purchase the best iron for all of your vinyl crafting needs. Below, are a few things to think about before making your selection.

Safety features

Reliable safety features are some of the most important features to keep an eye out for when making your purchase. Thankfully, many modern irons come equipped with these features built-in. Look for irons that have an auto shut-off system; these systems cause the iron to automatically turn off when not in use for short periods of time.

Pressing surface

Make sure that the surface you are using to press your designs on is flat. Try not to use a padded ironing board as these can cause uneven pressing and defaults in your final product. Instead, try using a large wooden chopping board; these are great for pressing on and will protect the surface underneath from heat penetration.

Ironing procedure

If you’re using a steam iron, turn off the steam setting, as steam is not needed for pressing. Set your adjustable thermostat between cotton and linen—if this temperature is too low, manually increase the heat. Iron the article of clothing before pressing your image onto it to ensure all wrinkles have been flattened out.

Place a parchment sheet overtop of the design and clothing item to be pressed. Evenly apply pressure upon the iron as you press down. Try standing above the project so you can put some weight into it.

Finished product

Simply hang up or lay down the freshly pressed item to rest until the vinyl cools. Try not to agitate the material while the vinyl is still warm as this can cause cracking and peeling.

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