5 Best Screen Printing Machines for T-Shirts (Reviews Updated 2021)

Whether you’re a t-shirt enthusiast looking to make fun shirts for friends and family or considering starting up your own t-shirt printing business, you’ll want to keep reading this article because there is a screen printing machine in this review for everyone.

No matter what you’re into, purchasing a quality screen printing machine should be your first priority. That’s why we have put together this list that will have you creating one-of-a-kind, designer-like-quality t-shirts in no time.

Best Screen Printing Machines for T-Shirts Reviews

Here are our best screen printing machines for t-shirts reviews

1. Techtongda Silk Screen Printing Press Machine

Techtongda Silk Screen Printing Press Machine

With its two-station, four color design, this machine allows for a team of two to produce up to 30-50 t-shirts an hour. Complete with an independently rotating screen layer and pallet, this machine is perfect for multi-color printing.

  • Compact size makes for easy transportation
  • Adjustable screen clamps for small and large projects
  • Suitable for working with a large variety of materials, this machine is perfect for any small business or individual printing shop.
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2. SHZOND Screen Printing Press 4 Color 2 Station

Shzond Screen Printing Press 4 Color 2 Station

This machine is easily transportable, fitting in the trunk of a car. The Shzond Screen Printing Press allows the user to make two t-shirts with up to four colors at the same time. Perfect for any hobbyist or home business.

  • Removable pallet means you can print multiple images at the same time.
  • Comes ready to use right out of the box—minimal set-up required
  • Adjustable screen clamp can be moved up and down allowing for screen frames up to 4.5 cm
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3. VEVOR Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 1 Station Screen Printing Press

Vevor Screen Printing Machine 4

This machine is perfect for the t-shirt enthusiast looking to have some fun. Perfect for friends and family, use this machine to work on one t-shirt at a time with up to four colors.

  • Small machine, portable and easy to take with you on the go
  • Built with quality in mind, can handle years of hard use
  • Compatible with a large variety of fabrics
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4. VEVOR Screen Printing Machines 1 Color 1 Station Screen Printing Press

Vevor Screen Printing Machines 1 Color 1 Station Screen Printing Press 

Basic but beautiful, this screen printing machine can be mastered by anyone in no time. Perfect for the minimalist, this machine can be used to screen print one, single color t-shirt at a time.

  • Simple to use
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Extremely portable and lightweight
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5. VEVOR Screen Printing Press 4 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Machine T-Shirt Printer 

Vevor Screen Printing Press 4

The Vevor Screen Printing Press is perfect for anyone looking to break into the t-shirt printing business. This machine is capable of producing four t-shirts with four colors at the same time.

  • Works with a wide variety of fabrics, cotton and polyester
  • Premium design means this machine is durable, rust-proof and easy to clean
  • Rotating pallet allows the user to easily move between four projects at once
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Screen Printing Machines for T-Shirts Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right screen printing machine that specializes in t-shirt manufacturing is an important step for any hobbyist, or anyone considering starting their own business. With so many machines available on the market, selecting the right one for you and your needs can seem a little overwhelming. The good news is that with so many options to choose from, good quality machines, ranging from low to high prices can easily be found.

Our buyer’s guide is here to help guide you in your search for the perfect t-shirt, screen printing machine to suit all of your creative needs.

The following guide describes some of the key factors to keep in mind when making your purchase.

Machine size

This completely depends on your wants and needs. If you’re a hobbyist, just planning on making a few t-shirts for family and friends, then a small, single station screen printing machine will be more than enough. If you’re considering opening a small business, then you’re going to want to choose a much larger model, complete with multiple workstations.


How much room do you have to work with? Will you be working off of your kitchen table or in the garage, or do you own a studio?  All of these questions will have to be answered before making your purchase.


Consider purchasing a screen printing machine that comes complete with a kit geared toward t-shirt design. These kits come with everything you need including inks, squeegees, dryers and much more.


Many screen printing machines are manufactured with one product in mind. Even if you only plan on making t-shirts, it’s recommended that you get a machine that is capable of printing other items—you never know when a client may have a very specific request and it’s beneficial to you if you can fulfill it.

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