5 Best Screen Printing Machines (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you looking to get the ball rolling on a shirt screen printing service? Maybe you have an upcoming family cruise and want to make shirts for the whole family to wear? Or perhaps you have a band, and you want to create your own merchandise to sell after shows? Regardless of the reasoning, there is never a better time to invest in the best screen printing machine than the present. Our screen printing machine reviews will help you do that.

Good quality screen printing machines will provide you the tools necessary to turn blanks into beautiful pieces of art. There are hundreds of different machines on the market. This can lead to some intense buyer confusion. We don’t want this to be the case, so we spent some significant time researching and studying these machines. We want to ensure that you receive the best tool that meets and exceeds your wants and your needs.

We have narrowed these hundreds of screen printing machines down to the ones we believe are the five best. Those are below. But first, let’s ensure you know what you’re getting into before pulling the trigger on one of these silkscreen machines.

Best Screen Printing Machines


1. VEVOR Screen Printing Machine

Vevor Screen Printing MachineFor those who are looking for a screen print machine that can handle projects of any size, the VEVOR screen printer is the ideal choice for you. This company has been in the printing business for over a decade and has become well-known for its product reliability and trustworthiness.

The VEVOR machine is manufactured from extremely high-quality materials and arrives with a spring-style design. This allows owners to adjust the screen printer vertically with next to no issues. This screen printer is massive though (when compared to the Yudu machine above), coming in at around 31x24x20 inches, an almost 22×18 inch platen, and weighs nearly 100 pounds!

What this means is that the machine is made of dense, lasting materials, making it the ideal option for light commercial use. Additionally, this all-metal construction machine has long been known for both durability and sturdiness.

This silkscreen press machine can be used on a massive variety of materials, far more than the Yudu above. This includes glass, metal, fabric, plastic, paper, ceramic, leather, books, and more. Just about any material that is flat enough to be pressed can be pressed with the VEVOR screen printing machine.

The VEVOR screen printer arrives with brass bushings and a base that rotates. This allows users to move the four stations independently. It also will limit the need to oil the screen printing machine. You are not going to need to deal with any maintenance when being used. This is a real workhorse.

VEVOR’s intrepid best screen printing machine comes with a multi-functional design that is both “combinatorial” and “table top.” This acts to save space over competing quality level screen printers. While substantial, this isn’t an awkwardly-shaped machine. Additionally, there is a complete set of installation and assembly tools. The base required a bit of work, but the head is assembled and pre-configured and is ready to attach to the machine base once installed. This saves significant effort and time.

If you are looking for the best screen printer for use in your small business, the VEVOR printer is an excellent option. It can easily print 40 to 50 shirts per hour, plenty of room for bulk use.

Selected Features of the VEVOR Screen Printing Machine

  • Four individual color stations keep you from consistent platen switching
  • Heads come pre-assembled, saving some of the construction time after delivery
  • Arrives with accurate and detailed instructions for simple installation
  • Incredibly fast printing speeds, 40 to 50 workpieces per hour
  • Brass bushings and rotating bases allow for quick adjustments and minimal maintenance
  • Spring design provides for vertical screen use
  • All-metal construction, while substantial, is durable, sturdy and long-lasting

Our Verdict

A surprisingly versatile and effective screen printing machine, we are more than impressed with the value that the VEVOR Screen Printing Machine provides owners. Whether working on larger-scale projects for home or group use, or working on starting your own small business, this is an incredible option to get the job done.

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2. SHZOND Screen Printing Press

Shzond Screen Printing PressIt is now that we get a bit old school. While the SHZOND Screen Printing Press is not all too different than the Yudu, Mophorn, and VEVOR options mentioned in this review, it does have its own set of unique features that set it apart in an interesting way. One of the most apparent differences is that this machine comes as “one color, one station,” compared to the “four colors, one station” format present above.

Additionally, the SHZOND machine provides exceptional reliability that goes beyond even what we have seen with alternative screen printers on this list. It is ideal for do it yourself projects but also works fine for smaller commercial operations. It is a relatively small machine, at 25x21x12.6 inches and a little over 32 pounds. However, even with this small footprint, it still comes with the standard platen size of 22×18 inches (roughly).

This wood platen is removable and can be shifted dynamically in all directions. Additionally, the screen clamp can be moved up and down depending on how and where you want it, making it ideal for thicker screen frames that other screen printers may not be able to hold.

While geared towards the printing process for clothing, this can also be utilized on paper, plastic, wood, circuit boards, metal, woven fabrics, and much much more. Are you working on some personal do-it-yourself projects at home? If so, this machine is an ideal option. But it can also be used to excellent results for small business operations.

This machine’s specialized spring device allows you to quickly and easily adjust the main screen platen up and down with significant ease. Additionally, it stabilizes the intensity of the springs, which prevents squeegees from pushing the ink out at such a force that it ruins the workpiece (something that happens far too often with screen printing machines, regardless of quality or price).

Selected Features of the SHZOND Screen Printing Press

  • An easily adjustable platen/pallet provides extensive customizability on the go
  • Spring devices allow for smooth movement of screens and prevent spillage
  • Of the five suggested, this is the most flexible when it comes to material availability
  • This is ideal for printing on T-shirts, thanks to the dedicated T-shirt platen
  • All-Metal construction provides additional durability and sturdiness

Our Verdict

SHZOND’s Screen Printing Press is a perfect choice for flexibility of materials, durability of the machine, and a focus on T-shirts. We have found in our research that this is one of the strongest all-around screen printers, and as such we highly recommend it for a variety of tasks.

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3. INTBUYING Screen Printing Press

Intbuying Screen PrintIn our third place position is a screen printing machine that comes from a brand that seems to appear on all of our buyer guides: INTBUYING. The complete INTBUYING Screen Printing Kit is perfect for those looking for a dependable and inexpensive screen printer for do-it-yourself projects in the home. This machine does not take a ton of time to learn, and the ease of use is impressive.

The INTBUYING screen printer in question is an all-in-one version. It is made from metal, assuring stability and durability in the long run, primarily when being used for personal projects and purposes. Measuring around 35x18x13 inches and 16.5 pounds, this machine is relatively compact and has a platen size around 22×18 inches, the same sizing as the industrial-level VEVOR machine above.

This silkscreen printer can be utilized on just about any material type. This includes glass, fabric, plastic, paper, wood, and more. And by more, we mean more! Pillowcases, canvas bags, non-wovens, hats, and more. The possibilities are endless, but it should be noted that this is intended to be a T-shirt printer in essence. Remember, it comes with their dedicated platen for T-shirt printing.

The T-shirt platen layer rotates independently and efficiently. Additionally, this screen printing machine arrives with adjustable dual springs for screen frames. This means that the screen frame can be used at any weight, and can be vertically raised and lowered with ease.

In addition to this, the INTBUYING screen printing machine arrives with a stable platform. This supporting device assists in maintaining the balance of the machine when in use. This machine is known as “four color, one station” and is a single rotary screen printing press. It can be used with four different screen plates at the same time, all four of which come with the machine. Once installed as instructed, the screen layers rotate independently.

Finally, there will be no fundamental need for maintenance once the installation is complete. The INTBUYING screen printing press has incredible ease of use, and there is no need to connect to an inkjet printer or a computer to use it. It is an ideal blend of the Yudu personal device and the VEVOR industrial-quality device.

Selected Features of the INTBUYING Screen Printing Kit

  • There is no maintenance required after installation is complete
  • This is the newest model of screen printing presses
  • The machine is incredibly easy to use
  • With adjustable dual spring devices, different frames can be handled quickly
  • This machine was designed primarily for T-shirt printing but works for a massive variety of products
  • The INTBUYING kit is a durable and robust construction, made entirely of metal

Our Verdict

The INTBUYING Screen Printing Kit has everything you’ve grown to expect in a screen printer. From multiple platens to adjustable springs, this is an ideal option for a screen printing aficionado looking to take their efficiency to the next level.

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4.VEVOR 4 Station 4 Color Screen Printing Machine

Vevor 4 Station 4 ColorVEVOR, as mentioned above, is one of the leading brands for screen printing supplies. As such, they did a fantastic job with the creation of their 4 station 4 color Screen Printer. It is another ideal option for those who are on the hunt for a versatile do-it-yourself screen printing machine.

This machine is a bit larger, measuring 56x56x7 inches and weighing in at 103.2 pounds. One of the things, though, that makes the VEVOR Screen Printer stand out from the competitors is that this machine arrives with something called an exposure unit. The exposure unit with this screen printing machine allows owners to develop their screen stencils.

Additionally, this machine provides multi-color designs provided by VEVOR’s registration system. A HotSwap is a special kind of clamp, manufactured for effortless alteration and swapping of the screen. A clamp of this level is not something that you will see in the other four reviewed on our list of the best screen printing machines.

This product also arrives with an array of tools and accessories to maximize the experience and ease of use of owners. In addition to the main printing press, it comes with the exposure unit, a digital timer and safe light, a HotSwap-ready screen, black and white water-based ink, a squeegee, dual-core emulsions, waterproof transparency films, a scoop coater, and an emulsion removal tool. There are also exposure unit bulbs and ample instructions on how to use this screen printing machine.

Selected Features of the VEVOR 4 Station 4 Color Printer 

  • This product arrives with an instructional DVD, providing extensive instructions on use
  • It can print on just about any material (however is best suited for T-shirts and garments)
  • Built from sturdy industrial-grade steel, this product has impressive durability and strength
  • Ease of use is vital, as is the multiple accessories included to get started
  • Both the pallet part and screen frame part can rotate independently at 360 degrees

Our Verdict

The VEVOR Screen Printing Machine is a wonderful option for beginners and experts looking to get into the screen printing game or upgrade. With its high-quality steel construction, this screen printing machine has the durability and versatility to keep going and going and going.

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5. Micro Registration Screen Printing 4 Color Printer

Micro RegistrationLast but not on our list of best screen printing machines is the newly upgraded Micro Registration Screen Printing 4 Color Printer. Screen Printing Equipment has long been one of the leading manufacturers in this niche. This product was built for people who are looking for a screen printer for personal use or small business and industrial applications.

This option represents a solid “all in one” personal silk screen printing machine. It is incredibly simple to use for anyone from beginners to experts and can be used on both fabrics and paper products. It is a perfect screen printing option to use with polyester-cotton blends and standard 100% cotton, and can also be utilized for apparel, home decor, and other projects.

This screen printing machine is a relatively compact device, measuring around 72x35x14 inches. It is also relatively light at approximately 96 pounds. Additionally, the screen printer connects directly to a computer and an inkjet printer, and then you are ready to rock and roll.

We are well aware that it can be extremely stressful to move from store to store hunting down compatible accessories for your new screen printing machine. With the Micro Registration Screen Printer, this stress is a thing of the past. It comes with an array of impressive accessories, including the printing machine itself, mesh screens, an emulsion sheet, a squeegee, t-shirt platens and adhesive, blank transparencies, and a two-ounce ink bottle (black).

The legitimate cornucopia of accessories included with the original purchase of the Yudu screen printer means you will be more than prepared to begin printing with this machine as soon as you unpack it. This product also arrives with a thorough instructional DVD and user manual. These accurately guide your processes on assembly and usage. Finally, the Micro Registration Screen Printer comes with a control panel that is extremely user-friendly, controlling lights, fans, and print exposure.

Selected Features of the Micro Registration Screen Printer

  • Arrives with easy-to-follow manuals and video instructions
  • Great for color matching due to its fine-tune adjustability
  • High-quality platens prevents bleed-through in the screen printing process
  • Can print on multiple materials, including fabric blends and paper
  • Emulsion sheets allow you to create stencils as wished

Our Verdict

The Micro Registration Screen Printer is a wonderful option for at-home use and small business projects. While diminutive in size and with a smaller footprint, this screen-printing machine packs a powerful punch and can handle most projects thrown its way.

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Best Screen Printing Machine Buying Guide

Want to learn more about screen printers? This section is for you. We’ll go into absolutely everything you need to know about screen printing machines.

What is a Screen Printing Machine?

A screen printing machine is a piece of machinery that can be used in the transfer of graphics, characters or logos onto materials such as tee shirts, placemats, mouse pads, ceramic time, hats, coasters and more. Sometimes also referred to as silk screening, much of the printed material you see in mall kiosks and stalls on the streets are performed with screen printing machines.

Screen printers are ideal machines to use when working with workpieces of any size and any volume, from one-off T-shirt designs to super high volume industrial-level orders. All items that are printed using screen printing machines wash exceptionally well with minimal fading over time, and the quality of the transfer is higher than most alternatives.

How do screen printing machines work?

Screen printing machines work through the application of thick inks to the top of a workpiece (in comparison to soaking a workpiece in brine or some liquid). One color is applied at a time. For this reason, with each different color that will appear in a final design, a separate screen will be needed.

Things to Look for In Your Screen Printing Machine

This marketplace is vast. There are hundreds of screen printing machines mass-produced around the world. All come with different price points, features, level of quality, and brand standards. When the time comes to find the model that meets your requirements, it’s not going to be a simple process. But there is no need to get concerned.

Below are some of the things that you should be on the lookout for when you are buying your screen printing machine. Keeping these features in mind will make the buying process far more straightforward and limit the decision fatigue.

Machine Durability

One of the most crucial points to determine when looking for a screen printing machine is the build quality of the device. Keep in mind that a silk screen printing machine is a sizable investment. You will likely want to use this for years, whether at home or in your small business. As such, it’s essential to figure out the materials that are used to build the machine.

Ensure that you invest in durable and reliable machines that can withstand the volume you plan to use it with. You are looking for one that can be repaired quickly if needed, but a machine that shouldn’t need consistent repair or maintenance. This is similar to the advice we recommend when buying the best heat press machine and the best vinyl cutter.

Typically, the heavier the machine, the more durable the build quality. However, that should not be the only thing that is a determining factor. Remember, this is 2019. Light materials may not mean low quality. Check to make sure that the materials used to build the screen printing machines are durable, long-lasting and strong, and you will be just fine.

Machine Size

Sizing of your screen printing machine should also be a significant factor in determining your final product purchase decision. With that, it is essential to know that machine size will be entirely dependent on multiple factors, including:

  • What you plan to use it for
  • The space that you have available for use, and
  • The need for portability in your screen printer

Are you planning to work on far larger items, like maybe towels and sheets? If so, you should look for a larger model screen printer, like the VEVOR. However, remember that this cuts down significantly on portability. However, if you are only planning on using the screen printing machine for personal use or small hobby projects, a smaller machine like the Yudu will work just fine.

Ease of Machine Use

One of the most critical factors that play into the efficient and effective use of a screen printing machine is the ease of product use. Check to see what previous reviews of the machines have said. Many of them focus on the general ease of use of the products.

Armed with this information, you are going to want to find a model that has a design that has been known for its ease of use. Make sure also that the manufacturer of the screen printing machine includes instructions and manuals for installation and use.

Are you looking for a machine that allows you to print multiple colors at the same time? If so, we also recommend looking for a screen printing press machine that features rotational designs. This will ensure you can quickly and effectively print on multiple items without moving the machine too much.

Screen Printer Versatility

Ensuring a clear plan for what your intended machine use will be is a stellar plan. This assists in the investment into a machine that will meet as many of your needs as possible. Many times it can be heard from reviews that people who spent the money on an eight-color screen printer would have been beautiful with a standard four-color. Others mention that they wish their four-color were a six-color.

If you want to ensure that you don’t face the same regret, it’s crucial to completely understand what your screen printing machine is going to be utilized for. How many colors do you want to work with? How portable does the machine need to be? Do you have a specific material you are looking to print on? Questions such as these determine the versatility of the types of machine you should focus your pre-purchase research on.

Maintenance and Warranties

Great, at this point you have likely settled on a few screen printing machines that you are deciding between. While you are finalizing your selection, be sure to check on any manufacturer warranties that are included. Even printers that come from the top of the line manufacturers are prone to fail from time to time.

Warranties mean that the manufacturer will handle fixing the issue if it falls into their warranty terms. Having a simple to operate and a minimalist machine that still gets the job done means that, even if the warranty does not cover what breaks, you will be far more likely to be able to perform standard maintenance tasks on your own.

Our Final Words

We live in an exciting era. While digital media has started taking over almost ever space, the screen printing marketplace has maintained steady growth. If you are looking to venture into this business opportunity, or even have a machine on hand for occasional at-home use, the perfect time to purchase a screen printing machine is yesterday. The second most ideal time is today.

The best screen printing machines provide quality and quantity in perfect harmony. They offer a high-value finished product that is not difficult to manufacture, and also not too expensive to produce. The five machines we reviewed fit the bill, and are a robust blend of the quality and quantity that we have grown to consider here at Big Shirt.

We hope that we have armed you with the information necessary to make an informed purchase of your screen printing machine, and we wish you the best of luck with your new purchase!




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