5 Best Vinyl Cutters for Small Businesses (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For the small business, a vinyl cutter offers great possibilities to quickly produce physical logos, stickers, and general crafts from virtual computer designs. The ideal vinyl cutter for small businesses should combine impressive functionality into a compact, portable unit, and should stay affordable. It should also be easily adaptable to a host of DIY projects and should be easy to use.

Best Vinyl Cutters for Small Businesses

With a host of brands out there, we help you streamline your choices for the ideal vinyl cutter for small businesses as we go through a list of our selected top five cutters on the market.

1. VEVOR Vinyl Cutter Starter Bundle Kit

Vevor Vinyl Cutter 53 Inch Vinyl Cutter Machine Vinyl Sign Cutting Plotter Starter Bundle Kit Vinyl

The VEVOR Vinyl Cutter Starter Kit stands as the ideal starter kit for small crafting businesses and comes with great reviews. It boasts of impressive and adjustable cutting feed, width, and force for high adaptability to different materials, a well-grounded skeleton for stability, and excellent sheet control. It also comes with excellent digital control, is highly compatible with different operating systems, and is especially suited for crafting advert signs and logos.

  • Adjustable cutting force, width, and feed.
  • Great stability and easy to use control module.
  • High compatibility with different operating systems.
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2. Mophorn Vinyl Cutter 34 inch Plotter Machine

Mophorn Heat Press 15x15 Inch Heat Press Machine 5 In 1 For T Shirt And Vinyl Cutter 34 Inch Plotter

The Mophorn vinyl cutter kit pools together different machine capabilities including a vinyl cutter, plotter, and heat press great for art and crafts businesses and T-shirt production. It comes with adjustable cutting speed and force for different materials, and heat press non-stick surface temperature. This kit packs all you’ll need to start production right out of the box.

  • Great controls for adjustable functions.
  • Comes with cutting software and other accessories for out of the box use.
  • Great compatibility with different operating systems.
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3. USCutter MH 34″ Vinyl Cutter Plotter

Uscutter Mh 34 Vinyl Cutter Plotter Bundle Sign Making Kit W Software, Vinyl, Tape, Blades

This product from USCutter boasts of impressive adjustable cutting force and width and is great for small craft businesses and DIY hobbyists. It is especially suited for producing signs, logos, banners, and boasts of heat transfer capabilities for fabric designs. It also comes with the VinylMaster cutting software and other accessories.

  • Adjustable cutting force and width.
  • Great for logos, banners, stickers, and fabric design.
  • Comes with free cutting software and accessories.
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4. Graphtec PLUS CE6000-60 24 Inch Professional Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec Plus Ce6000 60 24 Inch Professional Vinyl Cutter With Bonus Design Software, Oracal 651, An

The Graphtec PLUS CE6000-60 vinyl cutter is a compact, portable, vinyl cutting kit that comes with all the accessories to ensure out of the box use. It comes with the main cutter, Oracal rolls, connection cables, free cutting software, tools, among other accessories. It is easy to set up and comes with impressive customer support.

  • Comes with Oracal rolls and other accessories.
  • Great compatibility with different operating systems.
  • Comes with free cutting software and is easy to set up.
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5. VEVOR Vinyl Cutter 14 Inch Plotter Machine

Vevor Vinyl Cutter 14 Inch Plotter Machine 350mm Paper Feed Vinyl Cutter Plotter Signmaster Software

The VEVOR 2-in-1 cutter and plotter is a compact cutting unit for the small crafting business and comes with adjustable cutting force and speed. It comes with a user-friendly digital display and easy controls, and adjustable pinch rollers for great sheet control. It also boasts of great compatibility with Windows and Pentium operating systems.

  • Adjustable cutting force and speed for flexibility.
  • Easy and user-friendly controls.
  • Good operating system compatibility.
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Vinyl Cutter for Small Businesses Buying Guide

For the small vinyl craft startup, a quality vinyl cutter is a great investment to make. You want a highly functional unit that is easily adaptable to different customer demands, without spending a fortune.

Choosing the right vinyl cutter for small businesses pools together a set of considerations we will now look at.

Our buying guide reviews the best vinyl cutters for small businesses to give you the means to compare them and choose the product that matches all your needs.

Material Adaptability

The material adaptability of any vinyl cutter places a measure on how many material types it can handle conveniently. For a small business, the vinyl cutter should be easily controlled to work on various material types and sizes as required. The small vinyl craft business should be ready to tackle most customer demands as they come for banners, logos, stickers, cards, etc.

Powerful vinyl cutters are not restricted to vinyl but can also handle heavier materials like leather, cardboard, and wood. If you work on a wide variety of craft projects, the ideal desktop vinyl cutter should be up to the task whenever and wherever.


Most craft startups are usually on a budget when scouting for the ideal vinyl cutter. It is always a good idea to plan your budget beforehand before you begin shopping. Vinyl cutters come with price tags at a few hundred dollars for cheaper models to thousands of dollars for more expensive models.

Depending on what you want, extra features like compatibility with widely varying operating systems, greater dimensions, and accessories attract greater prices. For a business, however, it is always advised to spend a little extra for more features that will serve you in the long run.


The ideal vinyl cutter for a small business should be equipped with impressive connectivity features. Wireless connection is a great factor to look out for and solves the common challenge of low compatibility of the vinyl cutter with different operating systems.

Most mobile devices and PCs are Bluetooth enabled. A vinyl cutter also equipped with a Bluetooth will connect effortlessly to these devices to quickly transfer files in the absence of wired connection.

However, it is still the best idea to go for a vinyl cutter that is compatible with the operating systems you have on the ground. This will ensure you have various connection options to choose from.

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