5 Best Vinyl Cutter Software (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The average vinyl cutter will come with its inbuilt cutting software, but this can be pretty limited in its control capabilities. Upgrading to a better cutting software will improve the number of cutting choices you have and allow for more complex patterns and shapes as you desire.

The ideal cutter software should come with a host of tools, should be highly adaptable to different work environments and cutter types, and easily installable.

Best Vinyl Cutter Software

Below, we take a look through a list of our top five vinyl cutter software packages on the market to help find the right cutting kit quickly.

1. VinylMaster LTR

Make Signs, Logos And Shapes With A Vinyl Cutting Plotter Vinylmaster Ltr

The VinylMasster LTR is another great cutting software ideal to quickly bring shapes, brand logos, cards, etc. to life from the comfort of your home or office. It is the ideal starter kit for new businesses and art hobbyists and comes with a set of drawing and editing tools to ensure you bring your ideas to life. It also supports laser cutters and ARMS and is easy to install.

  • Great for new businesses and art hobbyists.
  • Comes with a host of drawing and editing tools.
  • Is easy to install and use.
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2. Vector MEGA VAULT

Over 34,887 Designs Huge Mega Vector Clipart Vinyl Cutter Slgn Design Artwork Eps Vector Art Softwar

When talking about an impressive design library, the Vector MEGA VAULT stands out with over 34,800 designs installed. It employs an efficient vector tracking system for quicker cuts and boasts of different file formats for great compatibility. It is the ideal choice for vinyl routing and engraving as needed for logos, cards, stickers, etc.

  • Impressive design library.
  • Efficient vector tracking system.
  • High compatibility.
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3. VinylMaster PRO V4.0

Sign Design Vinyl Cutting Plotting Software Professional Edition Vinylmaster Pro

The VinylMaster PRO V4.0 is the ideal vinyl cutter software for businesses that want to make signs and logos. It comes with a host of drawing and editing tools and a wealth of inbuilt designs at your disposal. It is a great package for contouring thanks to its ARMS and Laser Cutter support and is easy to install.

  • Great for business signs and logos.
  • Impressive design library ad easy customization.
  • Supports ARMS and laser cutters and is easy to install.
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4. CNC Designs 638370024458 – Vector Graphics for CNC machines

Cnc Designs Vector Graphics For Computer Controlled Machines ( Cnc Router Tables Cnc Plasma Cutt

The CNC Designs 638370024458 is an amazing cutting software for CNC machines and boasts of impressive over 350 vector graphics pre-installed. It boasts of seamless compatibility with different cutter types and makes design and editing as easy as it gets. It is easy to use and is the ideal cutter software for the craft hobbyist and logo designer.

  • Impressive vector graphics database.
  • Impressive compatibility and customization.
  • Easy to use and install.
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5. Sure Cuts A Lot V4

Sure Cuts A Lot V3 Design & Cut Vinyl Cutter Sign Making Software For Mac & Windows

As the name implies, the Sure Cuts A Lot Version 4 software is a top-of-the-line cutting program designed to yield excellent results on a host of cutting machines. It comes with a host of tools for drawing shapes, allows for imports, and makes custom drawing as easy as it gets. You literarily cannot go wrong with this package as it boasts of high compatibility with a host of operating systems including Windows and Mac.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Boasts of great drawing variety and control.
  • Highly compatible with a host of operating systems.
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Vinyl Cutter Software Buying Guide

The software package of your vinyl cutter stands as the center of all the electronic action. Converting your design into information your machine can understand is the function of the software. Choosing the right software pools together a set of considerations we will now look at.

Our buying guide evaluates the best vinyl cutter software packages on the market giving you a basis to compare them and go with the best product your money can buy.


The first factor when buying a vinyl cutter software is its compatibility with your computer operating system. You want a package that will run smoothly on your PC, install quickly, and is free of bugs. Some products are specially designed for Windows and other Pentium-based systems and may not run on Mac. It is always a great idea to check for the software’s compatibility before you buy it. Quite a number of great brands support Mac and Windows.

Another important factor to look out for when buying a vinyl cutter software is the ‘SVG’ label short scalable vector graphics. This allows you to quickly transfer your designs from one software to another.

Included Tools

The tools included in your vinyl cutting software will determine the variety available to you. The ideal package should come with a host of drawing and editing tools to help you quickly produce your ideas on your computer and make necessary tweaks as you see fit.

Also included in many vinyl cutter software packages are libraries of designs for you to choose from. These are great for beginners who are not so confident in their designing skills or veterans who want to save time. With these, you’ll have a reference to start from and cut them as is or make slight edits as needed.

User Friendliness

The ideal vinyl cutter software should come with an easy to navigate, detailed user interface. This factor is great for vinyl cutting newbies to quickly come to terms with the production process and start bringing their ideas to life.

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