Brother CM350 Review

Brother Cm350Crafters of all experience levels and professionals alike know that Brother is one of the most trusted names in the craft supply industry. They’ve been around forever and are hailed for making some of the highest quality products. Their CM350 electronic cutting machine certainly stands up to the Brother name. If you’ve been looking for a cutting machine, than we think that this is an option that you are definitely going to want to consider.

Brother CM350 Features

The Brother CM350, or the ScanNCut2, is the latest version of the manufacturer’s first ScanNCut machine. Like its predecessor, the CM350 is easy to use and offers a wide-range of features; however, being that it’s the upgraded version, it’s outfitted with even more robust features than the previous model.

Some of the most notable features of the Brother CM350 include the following:

  • An LCD touchscreen that is 30 percent larger than the first ScanNCut machine
  • Wireless connectivity, so there’s no need to fumble with or trip over wires. You can instantly send any files that you’ve created from your device to the ScanNCut Canvas software directly to the cutter.
  • It is USB compatible, if, for any reason, you would like to rely on wired connectivity
  • Two color modes: grayscale and RGB color
  • Can import SVG files with ease; no need for time-consuming and frustrating conversions
  • Free acess to ScanNCut Canvas could-based software, where you can design custom images or edit, resize, and touchup images that you’ve downloaded.
  • Maximum cutting width of 11.7 inches
  • Durable, sharp, and reliable German carbide blade
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems
  • Detailed, easy to follow instruction manual

Brother CM350 Pros

With so many robust features – and the fact that the CM350 ScanNCut 2 is made by Brother – there’s no doubt that this cutting machine offers a wide variety of benefits. In addition to being extremely easy to use and highly versatile, some of the other notable advantages of using this machine for your personal or professional crafting needs include the following:

  • The large, 4.85 inch LCD color touchscreen is easy to view and easy to use; in fact, the touchscreen is large enough and clear enough that you can use it to edit your designs.
  • The 12 inch by 12 inch scanning mat gives you plenty of space to work.
  • Wireless connectivity means that you don’t have to worry about fussing with any complicated or mess cables; simply set it up and connect your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to the machine and start designing and downloading your work.
  • Two color options, including RGB color and grayscale, give you even more options for your designs.
  • This machine can easily convert SVG files without any hassle at all, which will save you time (and aggravation)
  • Free access to Brother’s ScanNCut Canvas cloud-based software; there’s no subscription fees or any other costs associated with using this software, which means that you can access the myriad of designs and edit your images without having to invest any additional money.
  • The machine comes complete with very easy to follow instructions, tutorials, and templates, so you should have no trouble figuring out how to use it to create your masterpieces.
  • The 11.7 inch max cutting width, coupled with the German carbide blade allow you to create incredible designs with total ease.
  • Given the wide assortment of features, the functionality, and the versatility of this machine, it is very affordably priced.

Brother CM350 Cons

There is no doubt that the Brother CM350 ScanNCut 2 offers a wealth of benefits; however, like virtually anything, there are a few downsides that some users pointed out. Overall, we don’t think that these cons will have a major impact on the capabilities of the machine, or your productivity; but, we do want to point them out so that you are aware of any problems that could potentially arise.

  • Some users said that the ScanNCut Canvas Software isn’t as user-friendly as other types of software; however, given the fact that it is completely free, we really don’t think that there is any room for complaints.
  • Others said that they had a bit of a hard time trying to figure out how to use the machine. If you run into the same issue, contact Brother support and they will certainly assist you.


If you’re shopping for a highly functional, easy to use cutting machine that can be used to create a wide-range of projects, than we think that the Brother CM350 will suit you very well.

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