Brother DC200 DesignNCut Review

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Brother Dc200 DesignncutBrother is one of the most reputable manufacturers of high-quality crafting products. All of the items they make are outfitted with the most advanced features, are easy to use, and offer reliable results. The same can certainly be said for their DC200 DesignNCut machine, which gives you access to everything you need to cut premium quality designs into a variety of materials all in one handy device.

Brother DC200 DesignNCut Features

The Brother DC200 DesignNCut is a more advanced version of the Brother ScanNCut machine. It’s an all-in-one scanning and cutting tool that can scan designs directly to the machine, cut designs into a variety of substrates, and is incredibly easy to use. It’s really the only machine you need to design and cut letters, decals, logos, and so much more.

This machine is outfitted with robust features, some of the most notable of which include the following:

  • 1,260 grams of force
  • A max cutting speed of 112 mm/s
  • Access to Brother’s free cloud based software, which offers hundreds of designs, images, boarders, and so much more, all with complete step-by-step directions
  • Wireless compatibility; you can use it with your mobile device to create and edit projects and instantly scan them to the machine.
  • A super sharp and exceptionally durable German carbide blade
  • Can cut materials that measure up to .88 mm thick
  • German carbide Deep Cut Blade compatible, which can cut materials that measure up to 1.5 mm thick
  • Optional Universal Pen Holder, which can be used to personalize handwritten texts and images
  • Compatible with Brother’s embossing accessories, which can be used to create premium-quality embossing/debossing projects
  • Perforating abilities; the German carbide blade can not only cut, but it can also perforate into a variety of materials for even more capabilities.


The Brother DC200 DesignNCut is an advanced, all-in-one design and cut machine that allows you to design and cut out pre-selected images or custom-designed images all with one device. The number of robust features and capabilities that this machine offers certainly provide a number of advantages, some of the most notable of which include:

  • An easy to use interface, which you can use to design and edit your projects from anywhere; your PC, laptop, table, or smartphone.
  • Ability to cut premium-quality designs out of a variety of substrates, including heat transfer paper and vinyl, standard vinyl, magnetic vinyl sheets, fabric, cardstock, standard paper, and so much more.
  • Embossing and debossing capabilities, so you can use it to make more than just cut out designs, but you can also use it to create cards, 3D boxes and images, and a variety of other projects.
  • Access to Brother’s free cloud based editing software, which charges no fee and there’s no subscription required.
  • Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android compatible.
  • Can be used to create personalized designs, thanks to the compatibility with Brother’s Universal Pen Holder.
  • Small profile design can be used in virtually any space; you don’t need a lot of room to accommodate this all-in-one machine.
  • Affordably priced; given all of the capabilities that this machine offers, it really is one of the most cost-effective design and cut machines on the market.
  • Easy to use; you can easily access a tremendous amount of how-to videos and instructional guides, which offer easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.


While there is no doubt that the Brother DC200 DesignNCut offers a number of advantages, there are some downsides that are worth noting. We feel that in order to determine if this machine is the right choice for your needs, it’s important to have a full understanding of any potential cons that might exist.

  • Some users said that the machine that they received was defective; but, after contacting Brother, they were able to troubleshoot the issues they were having.
  • Others said that they have a bit of a hard time setting it up; however, if you follow the step-by-step instructions, we don’t think you should have any trouble setting the machine up on your own. If you do have difficulties, you can access Brother support and they will gladly assist you.


If you’re looking for an affordable, all-in-one design and cutting machine that’s affordably priced, compact, and easy to use, the Brother DC200 DesignNCut should definitely be an option on your list of contenders. It’s quite versatile and can be used for a wide-range of projects.

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