Brother ScanNCut SDX125 Review

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How often do we encounter a cutting machine that has a built-in scanner for error-free cuts? Not very often, but that is what you get with this versatile Brother ScanNCut SDX125 machine. Do not waste your resources buying a cutter and scanner separately. With this dual-purpose device, you can kill two birds with one stone and save money in the process.

BrotherScanNCut SDX125 Features

Brother Scanncut Sdx125 ReviewBrother ScanNCut SDX125 can be used to scan your designs, drawings, and sketches before converting them into a file for cutting. Rather than saving and transferring the file to a different machine, this device lets you transfer the file directly to the cutting feature. Brother ScanNCut allows you to place designs without blocks.

Many have turned to this machine because it can cut materials that are up to 3mm thick. You can add fonts and patterns to your designs and transfer the files using the wireless feature or USB port. It also has a 5-inch touch screen for easy operation. Brother ScanNcut relies on an auto blade holder that works with special sensor technology. Rather than rely on guesswork to determine the appropriate setting for your material, the sensor will decipher the thickness of the material on its own.

  • The memory contains 682 designs, 9 fonts, and 100 quilting patterns
  • Comes with a standard 12×12 tack mat
  • The sharp blades can cut balsa wood, fabric, foam, and chipboard

Another fantastic feature of Brother ScanNCut SDX125 is that you can combine and customize two or more designs into a single project.  The LCD display touchscreen makes this device a breeze. If speed is of the essence to you, you will be impressed to know that you can scan and cut your materials to size in a matter of minutes.

Included in the package are a black pen, spatula, pen holder, pouch accessory, auto blade and blade holder, a starter guide, and a sample stock card.

Brother ScanNCut SDX125 Pros

This multi-purpose device is one that guarantees error-free cutting because it gives you a fair idea of what your finished work will look like ahead of time. This is possible because ScanNCut has a feature that allows you to execute a trial cut before you move ahead to do an actual finished cut. This feature saves you a lot of time and materials that would have been wasted on the wrong output.

Another benefit associated with this machine is attachments included in the package. Not only are they useful, but they are also of good quality. It is not uncommon to find sellers who include inferior attachments to their product just for the sake of it that eventually break down not long after you start using them. The attachments in this package, however, will last long and serve you well.

Brother ScanNCut  SDX125 Cons

Cutting very tough materials with ScanNCut may blunt the cutting blades. If you have a significant workload, blunt blades may slow your progress. To avoid work disruptions, we recommend that you order extra blades just in case the blade that comes with the cutter gets blunt.

  • LCD Touchscreen is not very wide
  • The wireless internet file transfer feature may not work if your broadband is poor

Brother ScanNcut SDX125 Review Conclusion

The Brother ScanNCut SDX125 is a money saver. For a single price, you get a cutter with an inbuilt scanner. This machine allows you to do a trial test before your actual cut to be sure that your measurement and design is right. You can also transfer files through the USB port or the wireless feature.

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