Circuit Vinyl Transfer Tape Review

The Cricut Vinyl transfer tape makes it easy for designers and craftsmen to position their vinyl designs in the exact spot they want them positioned. Nothing can be as frustrating as having to make adjustments to your vinyl design every 10 seconds because the material will not just stay in place.

With this transfer tape, your material will maintain its position as you focus on more important tasks. Let us review this transfer tape in detail and point out what it can do for you.

Circuit Vinyl Transfer Tape Features

Circuit Vinyl Transfer Tape ReviewThe Cricut Vinyl transfer tape is a special tape designed for vinyl materials. The adhesive of this tape is compatible with vinyl fabrics. It is new and improved with a sticky back that will last no matter the weather. The only thing to avoid is that the fabric should be free of moisture. This tale will hold your vinyl in place, and the good news is that, once you are done, you can easily peel it away. And unlike other tapes, this Cricut version will not peel off the vinyl or smear it.

  • It comes in a 12×48 sheet
  • Compatible with all Cricut machines
  • Light grid for easy alignment

The transfer tape is designed for Cricut cutting machines, but you can also use it for other cutting machines if you wish. To use it, simply cut a piece of the tape that is the same length as the vinyl you are working on. Once the tape is in place, apply pressure on it using a flat and smooth object but be careful, so you do not damage the tape or your artwork.

Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape Pros

This Provo Vinyl transfer tape is made with a clear material that provides you with a clear view of the material you are using it on. The grid lines aid you in placing the tape rightly for a precise application. A single sheet also contains more than enough tapes to hold loads of vinyl materials in place. Another reason we like it is that you will not run the risk of messing up your work with tape adhesive. The adhesive on this Cricut tape will not smear your creation nor damage the texture of your material.

  • Anti-smear and anti-stain properties
  • Light texture
  • Easy to remove

Another benefit of this Cricut Vinyl transfer tape is that you can use it alongside not only Cricut machines but other cutting machines by other brands as well. Its flexibility makes it a clean alternative to traditional tapes.

Circuit Vinyl Transfer Tape Cons

This Vinyl tape is only as effective as the surface or material you place it on. If the material or surface is moist, this vinyl tape will not hold as well as it should. Also, if you at working on an expansive board or surface with extended vinyl, you will need to use a lot of it to get the right results.

  • Not the best for thick materials
  • Unsuitable for moist surfaces and fabrics

Circuit Vinyl Transfer Tape Review Conclusion

Cricut Vinyl transfer tape is laced with quality adhesive that will not ruin your surface and fabric. The adhesive on the tape is harmless and easy to remove. This tape will leave no stains or smears on your artwork or vinyl.

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