Cricut Foil Transfer Kit Review

Do you prefer to design your own gift boxes, invitation cards, and other art-related items instead of buying them from a gift shop? You can do so if you have a Cricut foil transfer kit. While general-purpose gifts and decorative items may look great, many of them may not convey the kind of expressions and designs you have in mind. But with a foil transfer kit, however, you can customize your cards and decorative items to suit your taste.

Cricut Foil Transfer Kit Features

Cricut Foil Transfer Kit ReviewThis kit is a 3-in1 tool kit containing foils with special effects. The foils can be used to design different art projects or to improve the aesthetic value of your designs.  The great thing about this foil is that you do not require heat to make it stick. You can embellish it using the sticky back. All you need is to activate the pressure system by applying a little weight on the foil once placed on the surface or artwork. Each of the sheets contains various colors, so you have several design options when making your designs.

  • Extended foil sheets
  • Sheets come in different stunning colors
  • Suitable for Cricut Explore Machines and Cricut Makers.

Another valuable feature you will appreciate about this Cricut Foil is the three interchangeable tips which are the fine, bold, and medium tips. These tips further improve your options regarding how to use the foil and the final effect it will have on your designs. You can use it to design your gift boxes, wallpapers, gift cards, and special invitation cards for your social events. It is very easy to use and remains in place for a long time. Just follow the Design Space invitation prompt to use the foils.

Cricut Foil Transfer Kit Pros

There are more than a few benefits of using Cricut. It is quite affordable. You don’t have to spend so much to add more value to your creations. The finished work has a polished surface with long-lasting results. Once the foil is in place, it is very hard for it to come off because it has a near-permanent effect.

  • Enables you to create unique designs
  • Versatile value for beautifying your craft
  • Contains sufficient sheets to make a variety of designs

The waste product of this foil is easy to peel off. Once your Cricut machine is done stamping the foil on the material or item, you can easily remove it to reveal the glorious special effect. Furthermore, placing this foil on Cricut Transfer Sheets will give you amazing results.

Cricut Foil Transfer Kit Cons

You may not get the best results if you use a tool that does not apply the right amount of pressure press to ensure that the designs on the foil stick to your material or item.  Another con associated with this product is that it requires a Cricut transfer sheet for it to work. Ideally, it is designed for Cricut Explore machines or Cricut makers. Using a different tool may not give you the quality effect you want.

Cricut Foil Transfer Kit Review Conclusion

The 3 interchangeable tips make this foil transfer kit a user-friendly DIY product for art and craft. If you have a Cricut Maker and a Cricut transfer Sheet, you can design your artwork with special effects that will greatly improve the look and aesthetic. It does not require heat for embellishments. Applying physical pressure is all it requires to stick to your item. A very easy-to-use DIY tool for professionals and Beginners worth its price.

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