Cricut Mug Press Review

Mug presses come in different forms and capabilities, but they all serve the same purpose. For printing images and logos on mugs. While conventional mugs come with their own designs directly from the factory, do you know that you can customize your own mugs using a Cricut Mug Press?

Mug customization is made possible with an efficient mug press of your own. You don’t have to use mugs with general designs when you can use mugs spotting a customized design. If you have an event planned out and mugs are some of the items to be distributed, this Cricut press is one device you can use to customize hundreds of mugs in a short time.

Cricut Mug Press Features

Cricut Mug Press ReviewCricut is a pressing machine that utilizes heat to imprint images on mugs. This mug beautifier, like we prefer to call it, is designed to help you customize your mugs with designs you like. It is very easy to use by loading the press with ink suitable for ceramics, place the press pad on the mug then apply pressure on the handle for the inked image to mark the mug.

Cricut mug press is very easy, and it delivers a consistent finish on every single mug you work on. It is also a perfect gift to a loved one who does a lot of customized mugs for public events. In fact, the bold appearance that this mug press will leave behind will remain for a very long time because of the quality of its effects.

  • Quality output
  • Compatible with infused ink sheets
  • Suited for sublimation mugs

Cricut mug press allows you to craft masterful designs on your mugs like a pro, even if you are not. It emits vapor through heat transfer and works with optimized ink. There is a temperature setting that allows you to regulate the heat levels depending on the pressure requirement of the mug material. It also works well with Cricut cutting machines.

Cricut Mug Press Pros

One reason why many people avoid customizing their own mugs is down to the difficulty in handling many of the presses sold in the market. With this mug press, you can optimize your designs without stress. The results you get with Cricut is consistent from the first to the last mug you make. This seller includes a clear instruction manual on how to customize your mugs using the press in the comfort of your home or work area.

The output you get is vibrant and bold, with no ugly smears. You also don’t have to fiddle with the temperature setting if you are unsure how to go about it since the default setting can give you the quality you seek.

  • The images printed with this press are dishwasher safe
  • Works well with sublimation and polymer-coated mugs
  • The end result is peel-proof

Cricut Mug Press Cons

This mug press is very effective, but it only works with a special type of infused ink.  To get the best results when working with a cutting machine, you will have to order one produced by the manufacturer.

  • Requires use in well-ventilated rooms to avoid stuffing
  • Ink transfer sheets do not come with this product (sold separately)

Cricut Mug Press Review Conclusion

Cricut is a user-friendly mug press that can be used to customize your mugs in a matter of minutes. Adding personalized images or texts to your mugs projects a sense of style and taste that your guests will appreciate. You can also use it to customize mugs you plan to give out as gifts to your loved ones. Cricut mug press is affordable and represents value for money.

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