Cricut SportFlex Iron-on Vinyl Review

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There are average quality vinyl materials, and there are high-quality vinyl materials. However, if you are looking for a material that will work well on hard surfaces, you can’t afford to settle for just any vinyl material; what you require is the best. We introduce the Cricut SportFlex specially manufactured to help designers create lovely works of art on hard surfaces. With this iron-on vinyl material, you can’t go wrong.

Cricut SporFlex Iron-on Vinyl Features

Cricut Sportflex Iron On Vinyl ReviewMany Vinyl materials may look great, but they begin to lose form or shape in no time. Nothing can ruin the color and quality of your work as much as a disheveled piece hanging loosely in plain sight. With this material, you will have no such problems. It is very durable and made for nylon and polyester materials. You can mesh it on your sports jerseys, yoga pants, activewear, and recreational attire, and it will stay in place.

  • Strong Bond heat transfer
  • Works with different cutting machines
  • Durable design material for sportswear

This material is great for making embellishments on your sportswear and general polyester materials. The smoothness of the fabrics allows for a flawless design. The heat transfer feature is also great because it remains in place for a very long time when you stick it to a garment. This makes it possible for you to wash the garment more than 50 times after the application, and the material will stay in place. You can create your own intricate designs using one or three color patterns for your creations, but it is imperative that you allow the application to dry for at least 24 hours before you wash the wear.

Cricut SportFlex Iron in Vinyl Pros

This roll represents great value for money because you can use it to create designs on more than a dozen wears. If you are more careful, you can make a lot more with it. It comes in various attractive colors such as light link, lilac, metallic ocean, navy blue, green apple, and indigo, to mention a few. In fact, there are 30 colors to pick from. Cricut SportFlex is also very versatile as you can see it to design handmade gifts for your loved ones. Its durability makes it a valuable art piece for your crafts.

  • Different attractive colors
  • Very easy to cut
  • Great for beginners and professional

Cricut SportFlex Iron on Vinyl Cons

As great as this material may seem, it is not a heat-resistant material. If you must iron the outfit on which the vinyl is placed,  you should only iron the back. Placing a hot iron directly on the material may melt it. In a worst-case scenario, it may stick to the surface of the burning iron. To preserve the quality of your fabric, you will also need to wait a while before you wash the attire after applying the vinyl fabric. This is because it requires some time to stick to your attire permanently.

  • Requires at least 24 hours to stick
  • Does not work with every cutting machine

Cricut SportFlex Iron on Vinyl Review Conclusion

This Cricut SportFlex Iron on Vinyl is a cost-effective vinyl material for making large-scale designs and letters,  labels, and decals. The material is flexible and durable. While it may not be considered the most heat-resistant material, it is very durable and will stay in place. This fabric is ideal for polyester and other light materials. The fact that you can use it to make personalized creations is what makes it a suitable DIY material for home and professional use.

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