Cricut Trimmers Review

Unless you are an expert craftsman, you will need a tool that enables you to cut craft materials straightly and accurately. Even the most skilled craftsmen rely on trimming tools to give their crafts the best shape possible. With the right trimmers, you can cinch your custom-sized crafts in line with your design ideas. Of all the trimmers we found online, this Cricut trimmer is one of the best we’ve found.

Cricut Trimmers Features

Cricut Trimmers ReviewThe Cricut 2006747 assorted trimmer is a trimming tool that can be used to cut materials in a straight line. It is portable and very lightweight, so you can cut curved and round shapes also. Cricut is 12 inches long with an easy glide razor-sharp blade. The blade is so sharp; you will have no qualms cutting thick materials like leather and tough cardboard papers. The custom-fit handle is another wonderful feature of this trimmer. It is easy to hold and places less strain on your fingers and hands.

  • It has measuring marks
  • Rules in inches and meters
  • Ergonomic design

This Cricut trimmer has an ergonomic shape. It is user-friendly and provides you with a smooth grip to executes hundreds of cuts. You don’t need a special ruler to measure your fabrics before you cut them. The measuring marks will help you make accurate measuring decisions, so you don’t ruin your fabric. What’s more? The dual-hinged rail allows you to load your materials into the trimmer so you can cut them from both sides.

Cricut Trimmers Pros

If you have large-scale crafts to work on, this is one companion to have by your side. Trust us when we say that this trimmer is a quick action cutter.  Before you cut your fabric, you can use the measuring lines to accurately measure your cuts before you call the blades into action. The grid marks are ¼ inches, while the swing-out arm is 15 inches long, giving you enough hand room to trim intricate patterns on your fabric.

  • Gray-colored trimmer
  • The box has a storage compartment for replacement blades
  • Lightweight at 0.454 kgs

The 12 inches blade of this Cricut trimmer will make your cutting and trimming a stress-free experience. Cut through fabrics in straight lines and leave no rough edges behind. With this trimmer, you will get your cuts right every single time.

Cricut Trimmers Cons

We could only find very few limitations with this device. One of which is that there is only a selection of fabrics this trimmer will work on. You may have a hard time trimming very thick fabrics with this Cricut trimmer. Even if you can cut thick materials, you may experience some hand strain if you work with it for longer periods.  Besides this, you will not have any issues working with this trimmer.

  • Requires frequent blade replacements
  • Buying extra blades will cost you more

Cricut Trimmers Review Conclusion

If you want a trimmer that enables you to cut your art fabrics in straight lines, you cannot afford to settle for just any trimmer; only the best trimmers will suffice, and this Cricut trimmer is one of the best that money can buy. Load and measure your materials in the right proportion before executing precision cuts. At 0.454 kilograms, it is lightweight, so you can carry it easily. The easy-grip handle also ensures that it rests on your hand and does not slip off as you work with it. It may not be the best bet for very thick materials, but besides that, this Cricut trimmer is durable and affordable and one we highly recommend.

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