Hotronix Fusion 16” x 20” Heat Press Review

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Hotronix Fusion Heat PressEasy to use and durably built, the Hotronix Fusion 16” x 20” Heat Press machine offers professional heat transfer results. Whether you’re interested in creating custom crafts for your business or for personal use, this heat press will deliver long-lasting, beautiful designs on variety of materials, from T-shirts to sweatshirts, and from tote bags to ID badges.

Hotronix Fusion 16” x 20” Heat Press Features

The Hotronix Fusion 16” x 20” Heat Press is outfitted is a professional level swing-away style heat press. It’s outfitted with the most advanced features to deliver high-quality heat transfers that will last a long time. Key features of this heat press machine include the following:

  • A 16 inch by 20 inch heat platen that can accommodate a wide-range of materials
  • Swing motion operation that’s easy to use and minimizes the risk of injuries
  • Live digital time, temperature, and pressure reading
  • EZ-On platen design, so there’s no need to use pads or pillows while you’re pressing
  • Programmable heat and time settings; input the settings you use the most and access them with the push of a button.
  • Keeps track of the amount of heat transfers that have been completed in a cycle
  • Interchangeable platens
  • Presses garments that are up to 5/8 inch thick
  • Lower platen can be threaded
  • 4 hour sleep mode
  • Frame is made of durable cast aluminum
  • EZ-ON platen allows for fast loading of garments
  • ¾ inch heat platens offer improved heat retention
  • Heating element is backed by a lifetime warranty
  • All major components are backed by a 5 year warranty (platens, swing arm, etc)
  • Circuitry board is backed by a 2 year warranty
  • Parts and labor are backed by a 1 year warranty
  • Temperature range: 32 degrees F to 430 degrees F
  • Auto on/off setting
  • Touch screen technology for easy setting adjustments


The Hotronix Fusion 16” x 20” Heat Press is outfitted with the most cutting-edge technology and features, which makes it ideal for use for both professional level heat transferring, as well as personal use. It’s easy to use and constructed of heavy-duty materials and provides high-quality, lasting results.

Some of the most notable benefits of this professional-grade swing-away heat press machine include the following:

  • Touch screen technology makes it easy to input your desired settings, including time, temperature, and pressure.
  • There are a number of interchangeable heat platens available, which are easy to install
  • Highly efficient; delivers fast results for increased productivity
  • Displays live readings of the time, temperature, and pressure
  • Records the number of pressing cycles that have been completed, so you can easily keep track of the amount of projects you’ve completed.
  • Offers an unlimited about of preset programs; input the time and temperature settings you use most frequently and access them with the push of a button
  • ¾ inch non-stick upper heat platen offers exceptional heat retention and prevents damage to materials
  • EZ-On platen makes it easy to load shirts for faster productivity
  • Frame is constructed of durable cast aluminum, so it’s built to last
  • Online reporting of the machine’s use, including the total number of impressions, average length of cycles, and active/idle times
  • Conserves energy use, thanks to the four hour sleep mode
  • Warranties on all components: lifetime for the heating element, 5 years on all major parts, 2 years on circuitry board, and 1 year on parts and labor


Honestly, we can’t really find any flaws in the Hotronix Fusion 16” x 20” Heat Press Machine. It’s one of the highest quality heat presses on the market that features the most advanced technology, is incredibly easy to use, and delivers exceptional quality results. If there are any drawbacks, it would be the following:

  • The price is high; however, given the fact that it’s a professional-grade heat press and that it offers so many incredible features, the cost does reflect the quality of the machine and is on-point with similar heat presses.


If you want the highest quality results possible and you want to simplify heat pressing, than you really should consider the Hotronix Fusion 16” x 20” Heat Press. Using this machine is an absolute breeze and it has so many capabilities that you’ll have no trouble producing exceptional results at a rapid pace. The price may be high, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

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