How To Decorate Your Cricut Machine

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Cricut machine is a new-age cutting machine that is capable of cutting objects of any thickness and width. Known for its sophisticated finish, a Cricut machine is more like a laser-cut device. This modern-day cutting device has a smooth yet glossy appearance on the exterior part.

Cricut machines are an essential tool in the life of design enthusiasts and crafters. You can even apply your creativity to decorate your Cricut machine with multiple objects such as decals, cute flowers, etc. These days, people are adding different quotes and glitter writing on their Cricut cutting machine as well.

What are the steps you should follow to decorate a Cricut machine?

Do you know these days it is possible to decorate your Cricut machine at home? Well, if you follow the below steps one by one, it will be a piece of cake for you to decorate the Cricut machine yourself at home.

Choosing the design

First, you will have to choose a design from Google. You can upload the chosen design on your Cricut design space. There, you will see the options to omit the background, and you can crop out the unnecessary texts. After that, you can print the designs on your printable vinyl paper with the help of a screen printer or other types of printers. You can select the material as vinyl as it will be easier for you to peel it off.

Cutting the designs

Now, you can place the printed vinyl paper in your Cricut cutting machine. The cutting software can take some time to recognize the design pattern. Then start weeding the designs. You should take out the inside parts of the cut piece. You can check out good quality vinyl cutters on various online websites.

Transferring the design

Take a transfer tape and place it on top of the design you have cut. Make sure there is no bubble while attaching the transfer paper to the design. Now rub it with a squeegee for a while, and finally, peel the vinyl transfer paper off the design.

Adding the design to the Cricut machine

In this final step, you can place the transfer paper on a chosen area of the Cricut machine. Here, also, you will have to rub it with your hand so that the design sticks to the Cricut machine. Now, peel off the transfer tape, and you will see the image appearing on your Cricut.

What are the supplies you will need for decorating your Cricut machine?

There are a few items you will be needing for decorating your Cricut machine. You will need a cutting mat, a printable oily paper, transfer paper or transfer tape, adhesive foil, scissors, weeder, trimmer, scraper, printer, etc. You will also require a Cricut bright pad which is quite thin and lightweight.

What are the designs you can choose for your Cricut machine?

Nowadays, it is possible to decorate your Cricut machine with your own handmade sketch. You can make a few doodles, faces, scenery, etc., or you can write your favorite quote in your own handwriting. You can even use some stickers on your Cricut machine if you want. You will find floral designs, black and white prints, etc., in the market.

We think you will find this article helpful if you want to ornate your Cricut machine with various décor items. It would be better if you don’t expose these designs on your Cricut machine to heat and water. This way, these designs will last for multiple years.


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