How To Dye Sublimate Silky Socks?

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As you are leafing through the web pages about dye sublimation, it isn’t hard to guess that you are a design enthusiast. These days, people are using the Dye Sublimation printing technique to transfer the design to various clothing outfits and accessories. If you check out the trendy fashion magazines, you will get to see a number of Dye Sublimated silky socks.

You will have to use high-quality dye for printing your chosen image to the transfer paper. After that, you can install the silky socks in the heat press machine and turn it on. The ink of the transfer paper will be sublimated to the silky socks. You can wear these all-purpose socks almost everywhere.

How To Dye Sublimate Silky SocksHow does the Dye Sublimation printing work on silky socks?

Before learning about the Dye-sublimation printing technique, you should know the tools you will need. First, you will have to place an order for a special sublimation photo printer. This printer will print your chosen design on transfer paper. Apart from this, you will require one pair of silky socks, sock inserts, a lint roller, a heat press machine, and scissors. Now, let’s know about the entire printing process.

Load the inserts

These are basically cardboard pieces. All white socks should be loaded with these inserts. These cardboard pieces generally help the heat press machine to transfer the design to the socks flawlessly. Because of the inserts, there will be no folded area on the sock, and you can stretch the socks.

Placing the socks

The insert-filled silky socks will be placed on the flat bar of the heat press machine. If possible, place the socks on top of standard craft paper. It will facilitate the elimination of the dye-sublimated socks at the end.

Printed transfer paper

Next, cover the all-white silky socks with the printed transfer paper. It will be good if you cut off the extra white part of this transfer paper. You can use vinyl cutters for this. This way, the design printed on the transfer paper will cover the entire area of the socks, and there will be no chance of white creasing.

Heat press machine

Now, you should press the transfer paper and the socks with this machine. You can use a 16X20 heat press for Dye Sublimating the silky socks. You can use either a flatbed heat press machine or a calendar press machine. The heat press machine will take around half a minute or 30 seconds to complete the process. When the process is done, it will make a sound, and that is the time when you will have to take the socks out.

Flipping the socks

After one side of the socks is printed with your required design, you will have to turn it over so that the opposite sides can get printed too. Here, you will have to follow the same process with the heat press machine once again.

Which one is better, a Dye-sublimation printer or inkjet printer for transferring images to silky socks?

If you are looking for color mixes and natural shading, you should go for Dye-sublimation printing. The inkjet printer sprays ink droplets to your chosen material or the transfer paper. But, the Dye sublimation uses an ink ribbon for conducting the process of sublimation. Here, the solid ink converts itself into the gaseous form first, and then it gets absorbed into the pores of the chosen material.

In the case of Dye sublimation, you will get to see the blending of different colors. These print works are good for socks as these provide a high-resolution image on the all-white silky socks. On the other hand, the inkjet printers use the dot technique, and it is limited to the use of primary colors only.

So, we would say that you should consider the special Dye Sublimation Printer when it comes to silky socks.

How long does Dye sublimation last on silky socks?

As you know, in the sublimation process, the ink is considered permanent, and it sinks in the pores of the material you choose. Here, the ink forms a chemical bonding with the material itself. According to the reports, the Dye sublimation process can last for a decade. If you choose the material wisely, the Dye sublimation on silky socks will remain even for more than ten years. You can see the ink fade gradually.

How much should the time and temperature for Dye-sublimation of silky socks be?

The socks can be of different materials such as polyester, cotton, silk, wool, etc. So, the requirement of temperature and time will vary from one material to another. If you use thermal socks or winter socks, those will take a longer time for heat pressing than regular socks. But, for polyester socks, you will have to set the temperature at 400 degrees Fahrenheit only. For polyester socks, silk socks, and other thin materials, 40 seconds of sublimation will be more than enough. For thick materials or if you place more than one socks at a time, the time will increase, and so the temperature.

Why is Dye sublimation on silky socks so popular?

The cutting-edge printing technique of Dye sublimation is quite popular among sock-design enthusiasts for a few years. This printing method allows you to print designs of various shapes and sizes on socks. After Dye sublimation, you can sell them in online stores also. This can help you make extra money and boost your creativity. This affordable high-tech printing technique generally uses disperse dyes, and as a result, the final print works can last for a long time. With this process, you will have to spend money on the initial setup only. After that, it can produce printed socks in bulk.

So, in a nutshell, Dye sublimation is one of the most efficient printing methods for designing silky socks. Once you learn how to do the Dye sublimation, you can create socks for all occasions, and you can even gift some of your creative socks to your loved ones. If you have any questions pop in your mind, please comment below.





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