How to Fix Heat Press Error Codes

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If you use a heat press often, you may have noticed that they sometimes generate error codes. Unfortunately, many users don’t know how to address the issue, but we can. In this short article, we will briefly explain what best press error codes are, the different types, and how to fix them.

What is a Heat Press Error Code?

A Heat Press error code is a code generated by your heat press machine to notify you that it is not functioning as well as it should. These codes call your attention to certain technical faults that you may not have known about. However, these errors often come up, so many users disregard them, which is not ideal as they may lead to a worse problem.

Types of error codes

Here are some common types of error codes you may encounter with your heat press machine.

Power Failure

A Power Failure error code will appear as PF. This error is very common and indicates that your machine has lost power at some point. This code is relatively easy to fix using a simple solution.

Solution: Press the Start button but if the code does not varnish, press the Stop/Cancel button on your machine to dispatch the code.

Thermistor Open

This code appears as E1 and will flash when the heat press thermistor is open. Once you closer it, this error will disappear.

Thermistor Shorted

This error appears as E2 and flashes when the thermistor has shortened.

Software or User Interface Mismatch

This error will appear as E3 when you use the wrong software or key switch. It only appears when the heat press is in Testing mode.

How to clear Heat Press E Codes

Clearing heat press E Codes is easy if you know how to go about it. There are some things you need to do, though. First, you have to investigate the causes of the errors.

Steps to conduct a test

Before you do the test, ensure that the dryer is empty. Then do the following

Select the Towel/cotton cycle – Choosemore one or less time (your preference) – Choose End Cycle Signal (High) – Close the door – Press Start

Note: If you dope these steps, there will be two likely outcomes. Either E1 and W2 codes will flash as the dryer shuts down it the wire harness will open

Before you begin this test, check your dryer is empty and that your lint screen is clear.

  • Select COTTON/TOWELS cycle
  • Select the MORE TIME or LESS TIME option
  • Ensure the door is closed
  • Select START

There should then be two possible outcomes from this test:

Both codes will either show flashes as the dryer shuts down, or they will not

How to clear E3 Codes

This process involves performing component checks. You will have to check the numbers on the component in relation to the numbers issued by the manufacturer to ensure they are accurate. If they are not, you will have to fix the correct one. If the numbers match, then you will have to do an indicator test and a console switch to recalibrate the machine. E3 errors are more or less hardware issues that may need replacements which you may do yourself or have a professional handle for you.