How to Iron on Vinyl

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How To Iron On VinylIf you want to get started ironing vinyl you must get down to the basics. You will need an iron, solid table, ironing mat, and a towel to protect your table. A Teflon sheet or multi-use paper will protect your iron from the heat transfer vinyl. While beginning ironing vinyl you want your iron to be roughly 300 to 315 degrees. Follow the following steps to gain success!

  1. First, make sure you’re sure it’s warm, and there are no wrinkles. Gently iron the shirt.
  2. Place your design on your shirt ( if you are using a shirt.)
  3. Guarantee your heat transfer vinyl has the sticky side facing out.
  4. Place your multi-purpose Teflon sheet over your design and shirt.
  5. Press your iron over the sheet, and design for 10 to 15 seconds.
  6. Once you give the Teflon sheet and design a nice press remove it, and your project is ready!

If you want to center your vinyl design on a shirt I recommend folding your shirt in half vertically where there is a crease directly down the middle of the shirt. Then fold your design. Gently make sure your design crease is exactly in line with your shirts crease. This is a method you can use to make sure your design is symmetrical.

Best Iron for Ironing Vinyl

Clover Nr 632 Mini Iron Ii Inthe Adapters SetinI personally believe the CLOVER NR-632 Mini Iron II is best for ironing vinyl. The CLOVER NR-632 Mini is stealthy but versatile.

It can be used for vinyl and quilting. The CLOVER NR-632 Mini gets scathing hot quick, fast, and in a hurry. It’s also inexpensive and at a discount price on Amazon.

Heat Pressing Vinyl vs Ironing

The advantages of ironing vinyl are an iron is inexpensive, easy to store, you likely already have one, and it gets the job done!

The advantages of heat press machines are they have digital timers, most heat press machines reach temperatures between 450-500°F and heat pressing machines produce more pressure on your project. Pressure means the difference between a shirt lasting 10 months or lasting many years.

The disadvantages of heat pressing are that it’s heavy and, It takes a long time to heat up. The disadvantages of ironing are that it produces less pressure therefore, you have to apply more pressure to it than a heat press.

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