How to Make a Glitter Tumbler?

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If you are a decorator and have done many work and handy crafts, you must also be familiar with glitter tumblers. However, if you are new at it and you have just started loving decorations, then you will also love glitter tumblers when you will know some amazing facts about it. For example, you may have seen many stainless-steel mugs and cups with glitter decoration on them, and this art is known as glitter tumblers. Glitter tumblers look very beautiful, and those who love them surely want to try them for themselves. However, if you don’t know how to make a glitter tumbler, don’t worry. In this article, we have briefly discussed the steps to make a glitter tumbler for yourself.

Making of Glitter Tumbler

Items Required

Making a glitter tumbler might be difficult for the newbies but don’t worry. We will take you to the step-by-step process and make it easy for you to create a glitter tumbler. Before starting making a glitter tumbler, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment during the process. You must have a stainless-steel tumbler, spray paints, painters’ tape, adhesive vinyl, fine glitter, silicon brushes, and clear coat spray as well.

Also, make sure that the glitter you use for making glitter tumbler must be fine and chunky. To apply the glitter on your tumbler, you must have a mod podge as well. Epoxy resin is also very important to seal the glitters.

Step-by-Step Process

Let’s start the step-by-step process of creating glitter tumblers. First of all, you will have to prepare and tape the tumblers for glittering. Tale any kinds of stickers present on your tumblers off and wash the surface carefully and thoroughly. You can use sand on the surface so that the paint completely sticks with the tumbler. Next, apply tape on the tumbler parts on which you don’t want glitter after cleaning it. A half-inch tape will be better for this purpose. If you want to glitter all over the tumbler, it is unnecessary to apply the tape. After applying the tape, use some amount of alcohol to wipe the surface of the tumbler to kill the impurities and dust on it.

Now spray the paint on the tumbler, you can use any spray that you like, but if you want to use more glittering on the tumbler, it is better to use less spray. You can also use mod podge instead of spray on your tumbler before glittering it. After using mod podge, quickly sprinkle glitter on the tumbler; otherwise, it will get dried. Finally, place the plain paper under the tumbler to collect the filtering glitter.

Wait for the glitter and mod podge to dry to seal the glitter on your tumbler properly. Then, apply some epoxy on the tumbler to control the glitter, and after applying the epoxy on the tumbler, you can also apply a vinyl decal on the tumbler to make it look more beautiful. If you apply a vinyl decal, then you must use another layer of epoxy on the tumbler.


Always take care while applying the epoxy resin as it is very toxic. In addition, you must wear gloves or long sleeves to protect your skin from toxic epoxy resin.

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