How to Make Car Decals?

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Whenever we talk about car decoration, car decals are worth mentioning. Some people mix the car decals with car stickers but the decals are a bit different from the car stickers. We can say that all the decals are stickers, but all the stickers are not decals. There is a difference in the creation, look, and style of decals. These are decorative stickers, and they are mostly used for outdoor decorations. Mostly they are used on the exterior of the cars. Sticker makers usually prepare the car decals, and they use vinyl in their creation. Car decals are also known as vinyl decals as they are made up of vinyl. If you want to make car decals on your own and you don’t have an idea how to make them, don’t worry as in this article we have explained it briefly.

Making Car Decals

If you are looking to create your car decals, you can do it as it is not very complicated but requires some skills. There are many different ways to prepare car decals. Normally, you can make them with the help of a vinyl cutter, but if you don’t have a vinyl cutter, you can make them on your own. Doesn’t matter you have a vinyl cutter or not, but you should have a cutting surface, scotch tape, tweezers, scissors, and transfer tape.

To start making your vinyl sticker, you will have to create a decal design that you want to make for yourself. It depends on your creativity that comes to your mind. With the help of photoshop software, you can make a proper design in your mind to make a car decal. If you are not creative enough to create your design, you can take an idea from other stickers. Then, print the design that you create with the software on plain paper with the help of the best printer.

Now take the vinyl and cut it in the shape of the design that you have created. It should be an inch or half-inch bigger than the design. Now cut the design according to the size while taking care of the sides and the shape. Next, take a transfer tape ad to apply it to the decal. After you are done with cutting, apply the decal carefully to your car after cleaning the surface.

Using a vinyl circuit to create a car decal is another method, but you should have a circuit cutting machine, premium outdoor vinyl, transfer tape, and a scraper tool. Use the circuit design space to create your design. Upload your image there and select the areas of the design that you want to cut. You can also adjust the size and the design of the decal with the help of the insert tool. After cutting the design, remove the extra vinyl from it and apply tape to the cut design. Clean the surface of the car carefully where you want to place your decal. After applying the decal, peel the paper slowly so that the design sits properly on the car. Use the scraper tool to remove any air bubbles from the decal.

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