How To Make Money With A Screen Printer?

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Screen printing is a great way to earn extra cash as well as display your artwork. If you’re an artist and would like to try your hand at screen printing, all you need to do is learn the technique. You don’t need a huge investment to start your business. All you need is some basic equipment that is quite affordable. The cherry on the cake is that you have the option to work from home while keeping your existing job and commitments.

Why is screen printing a profitable business?

Screen printing is considered a profitable business because:

  • It doesn’t require much capital, and you can start with limited capital.
  • Innovative prints are a rage among youngsters who like new and unique designs.
  • Although you need a little extra space, you can work from home and earn a decent amount of money.
  • You can start working only when orders are confirmed to avoid any losses.
  • It can add value to your existing business.
  • It’s a good opportunity to diversify your business by selling printed products along with regular services.

 What do you need to make screen printing a business?

Screen printing is relatively easy as compared to using a vinyl cutter and a heat press. You will need a computer/laptop with a good memory, a specialized printer, plain t-shirts, shirts, tumblers, mugs, and other base material to print on. You don’t need a heat press machine or rent a separate office. Since you can convert any part of your home into a workplace. Initially, you may have to advertise and let people know about your business. Try to be innovative with your products and services. This will give your business and personal touch and set you apart from other people engaged in the same business.

How can you make screen printing a successful business?

  • Understand Market Dynamics: spend some time doing your research. It pays to understand the current market trends.
  • Study the customer’s needs: there’s a lot to learn and discover in this business. Decide what you’re going to do and getting started. You can also print directly on wall canvases, skateboards, and a lot more. You can choose your medium of art and specialize in print work that customers prefer to buy.
  • Avoid too intricate designs that are not clearly visible on the fabric. You can explain this to the client and avoid unnecessary stress later on.
  • Try custom-made clothing: you can print designs and logos, as well as pillow covers and bed linen with your very own designs.
  • Market your products online: Online marketing is an essential part of any business campaign these days. If your products are moving off the racks fast, try launching a digital marketing campaign to reach out to a larger audience.
  • Take on commercial branding: You can offer screen printing services to businessmen who don’t have the time to do so themselves. When they send their designs, you can customize, print, and send them to the client.
  • Reduce costs and increase sales: try reducing the prices of your products by offering attractive discounts and offers. This will help to promote your business in the long run.
  • Concentrating on one particular product will help you provide specialized niche products to chosen customers and build your clientele.


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