How to Make Stamps with a Cricut?

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A Cricut Machine is used to print beautiful designs and decorative text on fabrics, bags, glass, and fiber. This machine can also be used to make artful stamps in no time, that too without leaving the safety and comfort of your home. Crafting with a Cricut machine or a Screen printer is a fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. For those who are proficient in art and design, It is an entertaining task that requires just a little technological know-how.

What Materials and Tools will You Need?

Making stamps is very easy to learn in just a few steps. Now you can make customized stamps at home without spending money on a ton of equipment that doesn’t give you expected results. Here’s what you will need to make your own customized stamps at home.

  • You will need a Cricut machine that’s best suited to your needs.
  • Drawing pens and pencils if you prefer to draw your designs and use them.
  • Install Design Space software. It can store all the required designs and images that you will certainly find very useful.
  • A printing mat that will prevent keeping things in place during the process. You will not need a heat press machine or any other equipment cluttering your living space.

 What is the process like?

  • Firstly, open Design Space and select the design of your choice. Click on ‘make it ‘and set the size for your images.
  • Change the machine settings to cut the material you have chosen, for example, foam. Multiple blades cut through easily. When you change the settings, the machine selects the best blades that will cut through the material effortlessly. In case your foam is too thick, try pressing it down a bit before using it.
  • The Cricut machine has a deep-cutting blade that will cut through the foam distinctly, after which you can stick them to blocks. Remember that if the blade is not deep enough, you will have to tear away the excess material, making the edges jagged and uneven.
  • If you prefer to use vinyl, you will have to select your preferred images and feed Vinyl inside the Cricut or vinyl cutting machine instead of foam.
  • You can use Craft Foam and stencils if you don’t have a cutting machine or even buy ready-made Letters, Numbers, and Shapes.
  • When your cut-outs are ready, you can place them on a carving block and cut the excess away.
  • Use glue to attach these cut-outs to your blocks and let them rest until dry.
  • Once they’re ready, you can remove the vinyl to see your brand-new stamp. If the markings that you made look a hit unsightly, use the other side of the dye cut.


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