How to Make Stamps with a Silhouette Cutter?

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It is quite easy to create customized stamps using a Silhouette. The small Silhouette Mint is an excellent machine that helps you convert your favorite photos or images into custom-made colorful stamps. Mint is not a vinyl cutting machine, nor does it require an ink pad for stamping. It is much smaller than a Screen printer or a traditional stamping machine. Because of its small size, it does not take up much space in your workplace.

How does the Silhouette Mint work?

The Mint Silhouette is a stamp maker that lets you create amazing stamps in just five minutes and by following a few steps. Moreover, your brand new stamp works more than 50 times at a time after it is inked. You can then remove, re-ink the stamp, and start stamping again. If you don’t have the time to make your own design, simply select the best images for your stamp from the Mint design software. Print your stamp and ink it with different colors to create multicolor stamps.

What are the materials that you need?

A Mint Silhouette can be used to create stamps of different sizes ranging from an inch to around 8 inches. There’s no need to apply heat at any time during the process, and you will need just a few things to make your very own DIY stamps. All these are relatively small in size and can comfortably sit on your table/desk.

  • A Silhouette Mint machine
  • Silhouette Mint software
  • A stamp kit
  • A Design file. (Not necessary if you are making your own designs)

How To Create A DIY Rubber Stamp?

Design your stamp:

Start with designing your stamp using the Mint Design software. It requires just a few minutes to download and very easy to use. Select the size of your stamp and choose the design that matches the stamp size accordingly. You can choose the fonts and font sizes from the options available on the screen or buy readymade stamp designs from the Mint website.

Print the stamp:

When you have completed designing your stamp, it’s time to start printing. Make sure that the Mint machine is connected to the computer and turned on. You can proceed to the print stamp screen by clicking on the mint leaf at the top right corner of the screen. Unlike regular Cricut Makers, a heating mechanism is not required to print your stamps.

Add the stamp material:

You can add the stamp material when the machine starts blinking. When it’s done, you will need to assemble the mount and carefully stick the stamp on the mount. This will help keep the whole thing in place.

Ink your stamp:

There are different stamp colors that you can choose from based on your design requirements. Simply open the bottles and start applying it to the stamp. Take care that the colors don’t run into each other while you are inking your stamps.

Complete the process:

After around 15 minutes, place your design on a stamp sticker after removing excessive ink from it. Lastly, place the sticker on the stamp very carefully. Your designer stamp will be ready to use within half an hour.





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