How to Screen Print Movie Posters

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Screen Printing refers to one of the high-end printing technologies which are pretty cost-effective and durable. This digital printing method can be fruitful for you if you have a large printing order in your hand. For Screen Printing, you can choose materials like glass, fabric, banners, poster papers, etc.

The design enthusiasts use the screen printing method to transfer chosen designs to movie posters. For successfully printing these posters, you will require screens, screen printing ink, poster paper, squeegee, etc. You just need to have enough supply of printing materials and ink to complete the entire project.

How can you screen print on movie posters?

Setting up the aluminum screen

Your aluminum screen is the hero of this type of printing methodology. It should remain slightly inclined. You should also add removable tape on the sides of the aluminum screen to prevent ink from getting through.

Design process

It can be a bit tricky to design an engaging movie poster. You need to feature all the important characters. Also, focus on the typography. Once everything is decided, you need to adjust the space. Keep in mind; you must not crowd your movie poster with texts and pictures. If you are happy with your design, you can print it with the help of your printer on transfer paper.

Choosing the ink

For screen printing posters, you need to use high-quality yet eco-friendly inks. These inks should stand both heat and cold.

Spreading photo emulsion

First, you need to spread the thick mix of photo emulsions on both sides of the aluminum screen and, after that, let it dry for a whole night. Once it is dry, it will show you the image on the screen. Now, properly rinse the screen to wash off all the photo emulsions. You can also use a pressure washer.

Screen printing

Now, place the printing material right below the aluminum screen and pour ink on the top surface. With a squeegee, spread it all over the screen. Your poster paper will be printed.

What are the things you will be needing?

To print movie posters properly, you will need a number of items near your hand. These are aluminum screens, an ink spatula, a squeegee, multiple colors of ink, painter’s tape, registration tabs, and so on. You will need at least four screens and four vinyl cutouts with the help of a vinyl cutter, depending on the color used on your poster design.

How long does screenprint on poster paper last?

Without fading, these movie posters can last for around 5-6 years. Depending on your choice of ink and paper, these movie posters can remain in mint condition for your entire life as well.

Now that you know how budget-friendly and convenient screen printing is, you should learn screen printing yourself. You can do screen printing from the comfort zone of your home. If you need a hassle-free life, you can also invest in a good quality screen-printer.





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