How to Screen Print on Baby’s Clothing

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Are you a parent to a newborn baby? If you are, you must like shopping for printed tiny clothes for your baby. But do you know that it is possible to screen print on baby’s clothing at home?

The kid’s wear market is a growing one in today’s world. People love buying these screen-printed baby t-shirts for their little ones. Like conventional screen printing, here, you will require a good screen printer, eco-friendly ink, and soft t-shirts. Keep reading the following paragraphs to know more about how to screenprint on your baby’s clothing.

How to screen print on your Baby’s clothing?

Creating the artwork

The kid T-shirts are smaller than adult T-shirts. So, you will need a child-sized substrate. You will have to be careful with the font, space, and size of the text for baby clothes. Once you decide on a design image, you should ask your printer to print it on a stencil plate or a transfer paper.

Choice of ink

Children have sensitive skin, and so you need to be aware of the chemical components of the screen printing ink before applying it to the baby clothes. You should choose only organic inks and water-based inks for the little ones. To attract more kids, you can also apply puff ink and glitter ink on their t-shirts and other garments.

Transferring the design to apparel

Now, it’s time to transfer the design finally to the actual baby apparel. You can either use a screen printer for this design transfer or do it with your own hands. All you need is a squeegee. Spread the ink all over the intended area of apparel with the help of your Squeegee.

What are the safety tips you need to follow?

The screen printing inks contain a certain amount of lead. This can be harmful to little babies. So, the government asks the manufacturers to keep the lead content amount within 100 parts per million. Plastic can result in allergies among little babies. So, the Phthalates should not be there in baby clothing at all. No matter what design you choose, the screen-printed baby clothes should meet all the government requirements. There should not be snaps, buttons, ribbons in baby clothes as they tend to swallow almost everything. Last but not least, stay away from disturbing design images.

How to sell screen-printed baby clothes?

The screenprint on baby clothing is quite a in demand these days. Almost all the kid’s store stock screen-printed baby t-shirts these days. You can sell your hand-made screen-printed baby clothes in those stores. Apart from this, online stores are always there. You just have to simply upload a photograph of your creative baby clothing on the e-commerce website. These days, people are using social media platforms for buying and selling their handmade items. It will be a low-cost business; all you will be needing is a screen printer and printing materials.

The screen-printed baby nightwears, t-shirts, etc., can be an ideal present for baby showers or birthdays too. If you are interested in screen printing, you should definitely learn to screenprint so that you can create these tiny clothes yourself for your little ones. Undoubtedly, screen printing provides a better result than the output of a heat press machine.





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