How to Screen Print on Napkins

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In the 1960s, a group of design enthusiasts came forward to develop the screen printing technique for their contemporary artworks. This high-end printing technique allows you to conveniently transfer a chosen design to a printing material. The screen printing method is quite budget-friendly, and these printouts can last for a long time.

With the help of this printing method, you can screen print on napkins, table mats, t-shirts, etc., with the help of high-quality fabric ink. You can print various creative designs on napkins. You will need a white cotton napkin as it can absorb screen printing inks quite easily. The screen printing on napkins will last for a few decades, and the best thing about napkin as a printing material is that you can wash them whenever you need.

What are the materials and tools you need for screen printing on your napkin?

For proper screen printing, you will need the following items at your home or studio.


We will suggest you pick up a 2-meter long white napkin made of cotton. Apart from this, you will also need screen mesh fabric, organic screen printing ink, a fabric base, sandpaper, etc. If you don’t have proper screen printing ink, you can also use fabric ink or acrylic paint if you want.


You will require a good quality aluminum screen frame for transferring the design to your chosen cotton napkin. Other than this, you should keep close a few screws, staple gun, painter’s tape, etc. A vinyl cutter will come in handy in this case to properly cut the transfer paper on which you transfer the design image.

How to screen print on Napkins?

Before you jump to the step of screen printing, you need to decide on your image. If possible, print the design on heat transfer paper with the help of a good printer. Now, come to set up the aluminum screen frame. Use photo emulsion on both sides of the screen and let it dry itself out. After overnight drying, you will see the image appearing on your screen. Here, you can wash the screen with a pressure washer if you want. Now place the napkin right below the aluminum screen frame and start distributing the ink with the help of a squeegee. This way, your entire design will be printed on your white napkin. Now, it’s time for drying. Finally, rinse it once before you start using the napkin on your dining table.

How to maintain a screenprint on the napkin?

You should definitely wash these screen-printed napkins every now and then. This way, there will be no dirt or dust on the napkin. You can even toss them in the washing machine but use only mild non-toxic detergents. Another important thing, never ever use hot water on your printed napkins as these can fade the ink. If you follow these tips, your screen-printed napkin will remain in mint condition for a long time.

If you are a design enthusiast, you can bring home the aluminum screen frame and other screen printing kits. Screen printers are also available these days in the market. You can sell your creative napkins online to make some additional money.





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