How to Screen Print on Paper Bags

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Whether you’re tired of using the same paper bags for daily use or need to print some personalized bags for your business, you can always do it at home. Sounds interesting? Well, it is quite easy to design DIY paper bags at home in just a few minutes. These customized bags are also a great way to advertise your stuff in a subtle way. All you need is basic computer skills and just a few tools and materials. Read on to learn how.

What do you need to start with?

As stated above, you will need only a few things to design and print your paper bags which you already have at home, such as:

  • A computer/laptop with design software/ Vinyl cutting software.
  • Some tape to keep the bag in place during printing.
  • A printer.
  • Paper bags to print on.

Unlike fabric printing, you don’t need to use heat transfer paper or apply heat during the process.

How to screen print on paper bags?

The first step is to create a design for your bag.

Creating a design for your bag:

If you’re a creative person or have a design in your head already, this step won’t be difficult for you. You can use any computer software like CorelDRAW to make your design. If you’re not good at art, simply download one from the internet to begin with. Make sure to check the printer cartridge before you select a design. This is because a colored design may not turn out well using a black and white printer. If you don’t have a colored cartridge, choose a solid and simple design with clear outlines.

Mark the printing area on the bag:

To do this, first measure your bag so that the design matches the area you’re going to print on. This is very important because if the design doesn’t match the size of the bag, it will move out and ruin the entire procedure. Similarly, a too-small design will not have the desired effect.

Load the paper bag in the printer:

Before you load the paper bag in the printer, take a printing paper and secure the bag to the paper using some tape. This will keep the bag in place and ensure that it doesn’t move or get caught anywhere in between. Remember to tape the bag lightly so that it comes off easily after printing. Use the tape sparingly only at the edges so that it doesn’t hide any part of the design.

If the paper bag has handles, flatten them down and secure them with washi tape in the opposite direction so that they do not hinder the printing process or cause unnecessary damage to the printer. Keep in mind to use minimum tape. Excessive use of tape will increase the gauge of the paper bag and paper, and the printer might refuse to print. Place the bottom tape side into the printer first to get the image you desire on the right side. If you have an image positioned on the opposite side, simply flip the bag over and let the top side go in first. Once you’re done, gently remove the masking tape, and you’re done!





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