How to Use a Cricut Explore Air 2?

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Are you familiar with Cricut explore air 2? If not, then you are at the right place to know about it and how you can use it. If you are a decorator and love crafting, you may know about Cricut explore air 2. It is a personal crafting machine used to cut many materials like paper, cardstock, vinyl, stick paper, fabric and vellum, and many more.

If you want to mark the areas on the paper to cut it, then you can also mark them with the help of Cricut explore air 2. Besides the cutting abilities, you can also use this amazing crafting machine for cutting. Many people who buy this machine for the first time find it difficult to operate it. In this article, we have briefly explained how you can use a Cricut to explore air 2.

If you are also one of those who have bought the Cricut explore air two and you don’t know how to use it, then don’t worry. Whenever you buy a machine for the first time, it gets difficult for you to use it until you get to know everything about that. So before you try to use the Cricut explore air 2, you must check that it has come with all the necessary items to use it further.

If any of the items are missing, it will be very difficult for you to use them. If you notice that some items are missing from the box, you must return them to the store from where you bought them and exchange them for new ones. It should have a Cricut cutting mat, cutting blade, power and USB cords, instruction manual, and Cricut explore air 2. Including these things, some other kits are also available in the box, and it will be good for you to check them before using them.

First of all, connect the Cricut explore air 2 with your PC/MAC or iPad. You can also use it wirelessly, but it is better to connect it with the help of a USB cable. Plugin the machine and connect the USB cable to your PC. Next, turn on the computer and the machine. Download the plugin installer for the machine and install it. After you are done with the connections and installation now, you can make your design with the help of the machine.

Click on the top right corner on New Machine Setup and load the grey cardstock on the cutting mat. Place the mat inside the machine and keep on pressing it against the rollers. Take a silver pen and insert it into the machine. You must take the cap off and place it so that its tip is in a downward direction. Select the design, and it will be on the mat screen and press go. Check the loading button; when it will flash, then it means that your project is done. Take it out and peel the edges carefully as the material sticks with the cutting mat.

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