How To Use A Mug Heat Press Machine?

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A mug press machine is used to print a picture of your choice on your favorite mug. One can archive this mug for the entire life and cherish the memories attached to it. The mug is an excellent gift for friends and family. Also, one can start up a little business of mug printing.

For making this creative gift, you need first to select a good quality mug heat press machine. After selecting the best mug press machine, you need to follow some easy steps.

How To Use A Mug Heat Press Machine?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Obtain a photograph.
  2. Use an inkjet printer to print the design.
  3. Use a sublimation ink for printing and a sublimation paper to print on.
  4. Now place the sublimation paper around the mug carefully.
  5. Before placing the mug, preheat the press machine at 100◦ C for 10 to 12 seconds.
  6. Now place the cup firmly in the mug frame of the press machine.
  7. Set the temperature at 325◦ C for four minutes and wait patiently.
  8. After 4minutes, take off the mug from the machine.
  9. Let it cool down for 5 minutes.
  10. Remove the sublimation papers, and your first mug print is ready with the help of a heat press machine.

How will you identify the proper sublimation paper?

For flawless printing on glass, a good quality sublimation paper is very important. The higher the ink constraint (watery), the heavier the paper must be to absorb extra water from the ink. Otherwise, there can be disturbances such as twirling and distorting. It is preferable to use 80gsm paper when the humidity is less than 45 percent (low humidity). When the humidity level exceeds 70% (high humidity), choose 110-120gsm paper.

How to decide the type of press: vertical or horizontal?

In a vertical heat-press, the object has to be placed at the extreme bottom near the edge of the press. As a result, you won’t be able to apply the graphics in the upper part as desired. In contrast, with a horizontal heat press, you can put the item anywhere in the press. As long as the surface on which the graphics are to be placed are in touch with the printer, the press will be printing down smooth and flat.

How Long Should You Press and How Firmly Should You Press?

Because heating differs from machine to machine, it is important to carefully read the instructions that come with your machine. Prepare a cheat sheet if necessary. It will help you easily remember the duration and also how firm you have to press for each type of item. In addition, you can keep note of the technical composition and graphic design that are best suited for use.

Microwaves and ovens each have their heating system. Similarly, it may take some time to get to know how your specific mug heat press machine heats up. Understand how to apply graphics and its mechanism of cooling down to get the best results.

What are the precautions that you must take?

Be very careful while placing the sublimation paper on the mug. Wrong placement may distort the design and can ruin the desired outcome.

While working with the heat press machine, use gloves for protection. After taking out the mug from the machine, carefully place it isolated so that it cools down to the right temperature.

After taking out the mug, you may place it in a bucket of lukewarm water. This helps to stop the process of sublimation. Now you can remove the sublimation paper, and the self-designed mug is ready to use.

Some final points to remember:

Check to see if the products you’re trying to apply graphics too are heat safe, which means they’re designed to be used with hot liquids. Or else, they may break or crumble if made of glass or ceramic or melt if made of plastic or metal.

Every machine must have a thermostat, which will allow the machine to cool down after each use. It will warm up during the pressing process and must be given time to return to its idle temperature before moving on to another application.

The operation and use of a mug heat press machine are clearly explained. Pairing with the best sublimation paper will complement the results. This article also helped you to know which press machine is more user-friendly. As a whole, you are now ready for a new experience with a good quality mug heat press machine and get satisfactory results.




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