How To Use a Vinyl Cutter For T-shirts

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Customizing your T-shirt with your favorite designs and colors is now in your hand. Choose your custom-made T-shirts over the ready-made printed ones any day. If you have your vinyl cutter, then it is just as simple as anything. Select any design or quote of your choice, take a printout using any cutting software, and then attach it to your t-shirt with the help of a heat press or a traditional clothing iron.

What are the tools and equipment needed?

The tools one need to have to make the custom-made t-shirts are-

  • 100% cotton or 100% polyester or 50/50 cotton and polyester mixed t-shirt
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Heat transfer paper
  • Weeding tools such as tweezers, Exacto knives, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Heat press or normal clothing iron

How do you create the design?

You can create the design in both ways, either manually or digitally. To create the design yourself, you will need a few more things, e.g., pens, paper, and sharpies, etc. And if you want to create your design using the digital options, then there are actually multiple ways open for you to choose from. You can create it using adobe illustrator or an inkpad for an iPad. For the simplicity of this process here, we are considering the digital perspective. First of all, you need to open illustration software and create a new file. Make sure that while creating the file, the height and width should be measured in inches and as 12 for each. Now you can add your favorite images or prints or quotes over there. But for texts, one thing should be kept in mind that, if it becomes more than 30 words, you might get trouble while increasing the font sizes later.

How to cut the design?

Once your design is ready, export it to the vinyl computer for cutting. There are again plenty of options you will get to choose your vinyl cutting software from. If you are using Vinyl cutting Cricut, you can cut your design from them using their free vinyl cutting software. Before cutting, you need to mirror the design to cut the design correctly and give a bounding box around for making weeding easier and simpler.

What is done in the process of weeding?

After your design gets printed into the vinyl sheet and the cutter is also done with cutting, use a scissor to cut the design off and remove the excess vinyl roll. Now you can weed the sides of the sticker and leave only the desired part of the design. But be very careful while weeding and make sure you won’t damage the design by tearing it.

How is Pressing done?

Once you are done with cutting and weeding, take the t-shirt, lay it on a flat surface, place the sticker on the t-shirt surface, and check its position. Now open the heat press and place the t-shirt on the heat pressing platform with the facing up the vinyl sticker. Close the heat press and wait for a few seconds; generally, it takes 15 seconds on medium pressure. Once done, put the t-shirt out and pull the plastic sticker off. And if you use normal clothing iron, then also follow the same process, press the iron against a large flat surface and remove it after 15 seconds.

Your t-shirt is now ready. Have fun making your customized t-shirts and wearing them.




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