How To Use Cricut Infusible Ink

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Cricut Infusible Ink is the new rage in fabric design. It is a technique used to decorate bags, t-shirts, and shirts yourself at home. Interested? Read on to know more.

Infusible Ink is easy to use, and when heat is applied with a heat press machine, the design is infused into the fabric naturally. The result is a vibrant and colorful piece of work that distinctly stands out from the usual stuff you find online. What’s more, it allows you to be creative and customize your stuff just the way you want it. These articles are also ideal for gifting because they have a personal touch.

How To Use Cricut Infusible InkWhat is Infusible Ink?

Infusible Ink is dry Ink that’s set at the back of paper-like sheets. However, these sheets are far from normal paper because they can stand the high temperatures required for the process. You can use the Cricut Maker to cut out images or text on these Infusible Ink transfer sheets. When heat is applied, the Ink turns into a gas and gets permanently infused into the fabric. No other equipment or printers are required.

How is it different from traditional fabric printing?

Infusion ink printing is quite different from traditional vinyl printing since it delivers a more natural look. The process is easier than screen printing or vinyl cutting which was extremely popular earlier. Infusible Ink prints turn out more professional with better finishing, whether it’s clothing, bags, or coasters. The paper is thicker, while the printed result is crack-proof, more natural, and vibrant. There are many readymade ink designs as well as infusible ink pens to choose from if you can draw yourself.

What are the things that you will need?

  1. Circuit Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets
  2. Cricut Infusible Ink Pens and Markers
  3. Cricut Easy Press Mat
  4. A Heat Press
  5. Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Machine
  6. Cricut Heat Transfer Tape
  7. Lint Roller

Circuit Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

These transfer sheets are already embossed with dried ink. You can use a Cricut machine to cut out the images that you need from these sheets. There is no need to buy and accommodate another screen printing machine or printer. Infusible Ink prints are attractive and more natural-looking. Moreover, the print and pattern do not fade off easily and look great for a much longer time.

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens and Markers

If you don’t like readymade designs, you can create something new yourself. Unleash your creativity with infusible ink pens and markers. These pens are specially made to write or draw on Laser Copy Paper. Laser paper is a special type of paper that can withstand the required heat for the infusion process. When you write on this paper using Infusible Ink, the content gets transferred to the fabric when heat is applied to the paper. These pens and markers are easily available online or at stationery stores. They are very easy to use and give amazing results.

Cricut Easy Press Mat

A Cricut Easy Press Mat is used to protect the surface or fabric and keep it in place so that there are no errors during the process. This is very important because it ensures even heat distribution throughout the fabric. It is recommended that you use a Cricut mat because, unlike other material, it has an inner layer that helps stabilize the heat during the process to get the best possible results.

A Heat Press

A Heat press is used to infuse heat into the fabric so that the ink gets activated and transfers to the fabric. When heat is transferred to the fabric with a heat press machine, the magic begins as the design becomes part of the fabric.

Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Machine

This is a very important tool that is very used to cut lovely designs out of different materials, including cloth, leather, tote, or cardboard. It has a huge collection of tools for writing, cutting, and creating decorative special effects.

Cricut Heat Transfer Tape

This tape is very useful while doing delicate artwork or designing your stuff. These transfer tapes help position designs, cut-outs, and alphabets accurately. The main reason why they are used is that they can withstand the heat of the press machine needed for the procedure.

Lint Roller

A lint roller is a machine with several blades and holes that helps remove all types of lint from the fabric. It may not be needed if you are working with paper or any other base that doesn’t shed. A lint roller is used for fabric because you need to brush away unnecessary lint and clean the surface thoroughly before you start. This is done so that the design looks clean and has clear edges that don’t smudge or don’t run into each other.

What is the process like?

When you heat the paper after it is laid on the fabric, the ink gets infused in the fabric and permanently becomes one with the material. Here is how you can make your own designer stuff by following the steps given below:

  • Select the material you are going to use for the process. You may want to design a top, t-shirt, or a bag to gift someone.
  • Choose the transfer sheets and the pens you will be using to make your personalized piece of art.
  • Use the Cricut Machine to draw a design using the Infusible Ink markers, or cut it out of the sheets.
  • Lay the mat on the fabric and cover it with the laser paper before laying the t-shirts on top of the paper. Remove excess lint with a roller to keep the design free from any errors.
  • To set with heat, set the EasyPress at 385 degrees. If you’re not sure how to do this, use the reference to the Cricut EasyPress Settings Guide before you begin.
  • You must preheat the fabric for some time before arranging the design on the t-shirt. Next, cover the design with laser paper.
  • Apply heat with EasyPress 2 without moving it from side to side. This is very important to make sure that the design stays in place. Allow it to cool for a while, after which you can pull off the backing to reveal a beautiful design that you made in record time.





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