How To Weed Vinyl

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How To Weed VinylWeeding vinyl is a lot like surgery. It’s a process of removing unwanted vinyl from your design while you are digging up little pieces that aren’t supposed to be there. Vinyl is a tool that is so versatile it can be used on cars and it could be used to make a pretty design.

  1. First, you want to cut your design then remove all unwanted vinyl from the backing sheet. Fabrics such as cotton, cotton/polyester blends, polyester work well with heat transfer vinyl if you choose to use a heat press, it can make your experience more simplistic and vinyl easier to peel.
  2. Pull off big pieces of vinyl and then work your way down into using your tools to chip away small pieces of vinyl surrounding your design.
  3. Once you have made all of your details while weeding vinyl, use an X-acto knife or pen to weed any details that need to be done.
  4. Peel away access vinyl. Be careful when you’re peeling access vinyl. If you are too aggressive you could destroy your project.
  5. You can place a helping of application masking tape over your product and smooth it down.
  6. Do so gently avoiding large wrinkles or bubbles. After you smooth out your tape use a straightedge to smooth out your wrinkles and bubbles.
  7. Flip over your application masking tape and peel off the back liner of the vinyl.

You will see your weeded vinyl design.

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Reverse Weeding

If you are reverse weeding put transfer tape or “application masking tape.” Over your design image. Use your scraper tool and really press the tape well against your design.

Lift both the tape and the design off of your mat. Take the sticky adhesive off the design and complete the weeding technique by peeling away the vinyl from around letters. Be patient, don’t rush, remember weeding vinyl is like surgery. If you make a mistake you could ruin the project.

The following are some tips I can give you. Start weeding from the upper right to the lower left, weed out the centers of letters such as the holes in A, E, and O especially when reverse weeding. Take your time! If you rush, it will come out horrible!