Making Shirts to Support the LGBTQ Community

Lgbtq MerchandiseSales of pride merchandise are at an all-time high thanks to huge public support for the LGBTQ community. Because of that, many merchants, specifically t-shirt sellers, have been created in order to sell LGBTQ merchandise to supporters. Did you know that the majority of these companies don’t give anything back to the LGBTQ community?

It’s really a shame.

However, there is a morally intrinsic value to be placed upon any company that chooses to devote their time and resources to creating merchandise for the LGBTQ community. We wanted to spread this message, so we bought (which is probably how you got here).

How to Get LGBTQ Shirts for Cheap

Did you know that you’re able to make your own LGBTQ clothing at home, for probably a fraction of the cost that you’d pay at a merchant? Not only is it cheaper, but it’s fun and easy too!

You’ll need three items to achieve the best results:

  1. Heat Press Machine
  2. Screen Printing Machine
  3. Vinyl Cutter

Click on any of the above links to find out more about each of the products and how you can use them for LGBTQ merchandise.

Making your own LGBTQ merchandise at home is a great way to spread the message to your friends and family. You’ll be able to make each piece of clothing for about $3-4, depending on the fabric that you use. The more that you make, the cheaper the cost per unit gets. Additionally, if you’re looking to start a home heat press business, you’ll be able to use your heat press machine or screen printing machine for the business. You’d be able to make LGBTQ specifically for your community. It’s been shown that making merchandise with your community’s branding increases sales by a significant margin. This is doubly true if you live in a more progressive area.

Also, you can open up your own Etsy store and sell localized LGBTQ shirts on there. Create a listing for a unique LGBTQ shirt, with the additional option to customize it. You can usually charge a big more to customize it. However, if you want to do something good for the community, you can donate the proceeds to an LGBTQ friendly organization.

Why It’s Important To Wear LGBTQ Shirts

It’s important to support your fellow human. Everyone deserves to live a happy and prosperous life. Unfortunately, there are some people with outdated world views that discriminate against LGBTQ members. One of the proven ways of compatting these antiquated views is through exposure. Exposure therapy has long been seen was one of the more effective ways of helping someone overcome there fears. That’s where the hate comes from – a place of fear. People fear the unknown, and as a result, lash out against it.

By wearing LGBTQ shirts, you’re exposing your sphere of influence to someone who supports the LGBTQ community. It may not seem like it, but the more outward support a cause has, the more impactful it is. Is wearing an LGBTQ shirt going to change someone’s views? No, probably not. But it will be one more piece of exposure for them. It will normalize their response to LGBTQ. And that’s where change begins.

Supporting LGBTQ rights isn’t limited to the month of June. It’s very important that we celebrate, and protect, those members of the LGBTQ community, year round.