SHZOND 15” x 15” Heat Press Machine Review

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Shzond 15 X 15 Heat Press MachineWhether you enjoy making heat transferred crafts for personal use, or you are a business owner who sells products that feature heat transferred images, the SHZOND 15” x 15” Heat Press Machine is definitely an option that we strongly urge you to consider. It’s an 8 in 1 heat press, so it’s incredible versatile and can be used to produce a large array of high-quality products.

SHZOND 15” x 15” Heat Press Machine Features

The SHSZOND 15” by 15” Heat Press Machine is a swing-away style heat press that is outfitted with all of the necessary features, plus a whole lot more. It’s equipped with everything you need transfer high-quality graphic images onto a large array of items, making it one of the most versatile heat presses on the market.

The most notable features that this heat press machine offers include the following:

  • A 15 inch by 15 inch Teflon-coated heat platen
  • A 6 inch by 3 inch curved hat/cap press
  • A 2.75 inch max diameter mug press
  • A 3.5 inch max diameter mug press
  • A 12 oz max diameter latte mug press
  • A 17 oz ma diameter latte mug press
  • A 5 inch max diameter plate press
  • A 6 inch max diameter plate press
  • Digital LED time and temperature display
  • Push button time and temperature controls
  • Temperature range: 32 degrees F to 430 degrees F
  • Time range: 0 seconds to 999 seconds
  • Full 360 degree rotating swing arm
  • Adjustable pressure setting
  • Removable silicone pad and cotton pad
  • Built-in fuse prevents overheating and short circuiting
  • Comes with two Teflon-coated transfer sheets
  • 5 foot power cord
  • 1000 watts and 110 volts of power


The SHZOND 15” x 15” Heat Press Machine is outfitted with a wide variety of features, is durably built, and is safe and easy to use, making it one of the highest quality heat press machines on the market. While it offers an array of benefits, some of the most noteworthy pros include the following:

  • Full 360 degree swing away arm allows for easy and safe use
  • The Teflon-coated heat platen ensures even heat distribution and prevents the risk of damaging pressed items.
  • Comes with eight different heating elements, including a flat heat press, a curved, press, several mug presses, and two heat presses. With so many attachments, this heat press can be used to transfer images onto a large variety of substrates, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, baseball caps, coffee mugs, latte mugs, thermoses, plates, and virtually anything else you can think of.
  • The push button controls and digital LCD time and temperature display allow for easy adjustment and clear visibility of the time and temperature settings.
  • Pressure knob can be adjusted to the precise thickness of the item being pressed to ensure even heat distribution.
  • An audible alarm sounds when the heat press has reached the selected temperature and is ready to use; an alarm sounds again when the heat press cycle is completed and the image has been successfully transferred.
  • Heating elements are easy to take off and attach, so you should have no trouble changing between projects while maintaining fast productivity.
  • Affordable price tag; compared to a lot of other heat press machines that offer similar functions and features, this heat press is very attractively priced.


While overall, the SHZOND 15” x 15” Heat Press Machine does offer a wide array of benefits, there are a few downsides that some users have noted. While we don’t think that the cons will have much barring on the overall performance of the machine, we still think they are worth noting so that you are aware of any potential issues that may arise.

  • A few customers said that the unit stopped working shortly after purchasing; however, upon contacting the seller, they were able to receive a replacement.
  • Some users said that the instructions were a little difficult to follow; but, the machine is pretty straightforward and easy to figure out how to use.


Whether you’re just diving into the world of heat pressing, you’re an avid crafter, or you run a business, if you’re looking for a state-of-the-art heat press machine that can be used to produce a variety of items, is easy and safe to use, ad is affordably priced, the TUSY Heat Press Machine is definitely worth considering. With eight different heating elements and a fully adjustable pressure setting, you’ll be able to achieve durable, long-lasting images with ease – and without breaking your budget.

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