Silhouette AutoBlade Review

Cutting fabrics and decorative materials does not have to be a hard task if you have the right tools. Without a sharp blade or cutter, the task becomes laborious. With a Silhouette Autoblade cutter, however, you can execute precision cuts with ease. Even if the fabric is very thick, you can cut it to size using this ultra-sharp tool. Here is all you need to know about Silhouette AutoBlade.

Silhouette AutoBlade Features

Silhouette Autoblade ReviewThe Silhouette AutoBlade is a blade that is designed solely for the Silhouette Cameo 4. The blade setting is automatic, which makes it relatively easy to use. You don’t have to adjust the blade before you use it. The Silhouette Studio program will provide you with the appropriate blade setting depending on the nature of the materials you wish to cut.

  • Tungsten alloy blade material
  • 1mm-1mm blade length
  • Specially designed for the Cameo 4

With this autoblade, guesswork goes out the window, and you can rely on the Silhouette software to give you the right cut description that will fit your material. Silhouette Autoblade is also very efficient even when producing adjustment suggestions. This is because it cuts down adjustment time by more than 90% compared to similar programs. Constructed with sintered tungsten alloy with a combination of superfine powder, this blade is extra durable and will serve you well.

Silhouette AutoBlade Pros

The AutoBlade is very easy to use. The fact that the Silhouette program provides cut recommendations cuts down on fabric wastage and increases decision making. The durability of the blade is another positive since you will not have to change the blade frequently. If you plan to use it regularly, this is a great feature.

  • Very durable
  • Safety features in place
  • Automatic blade adjustment settings

Another pro is the suitability of this blade to the Cameo 4. Most blades will not work with it, so having a blade that is specially created to fit the Cameo 4 is a huge advantage. Furthermore, you are free to pick a different setting if you don’t want to go with the one selected by the Silhouette program, which is a huge plus. If you have used a different program in the past that refuses to follow commands when a different setting is picked other than the one suggested by the program, you will appreciate just how beneficial this flexibility of choice really is.

Silhouette AutoBlade Cons

As efficient as the Silhouette AutoBlade may be, this cutter blade has one major disadvantage. It is only meant for the Cameo 4 and no other. Meaning that if you don’t have this machine, the blade is useless to you. Therefore, before you make the step to order this AutoBlade, you need to order the Cameo 4 machine, first of all, which costs a lot more.

  • Selective blade
  • Limited range

Silhouette AutoBlade Review Conclusion

If you buy the Silhouette AutoBlade, it will be money well spent because the blade is sharp and durable. If you have a Cameo 4 device, this is the blade you need because it is specially created for it. You don’t need any other blade. The AutoBlade works with the Silhouette Studio Software, which you can rely on to make changes to the cut settings. With the Studio program, you can’t go wrong. The length of the blade is also right for thick fabrics. Order this tungsten alloy blade for precision cuts you can trust.

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