Silhouette Mint Custom Printer Review

Printers generally work to help you print your artwork, but not all printers offer the kind of quality you may be looking for. Rely on conventional printers may not serve your purpose, which is why professional craftsmen rely on printers that are specially designed for custom printing. The quality of custom prints can’t be overemphasized, and of all the mint printers available today, only very few come close to the Silhouette Mint Custom Printer.

Let us do a quick rundown of this mint custom printer.

Silhouette Mint Custom Printer Features

Silhouette Mint Custom Printer ReviewThe Silhouette Mint Custom Printer is a printer that is compatible with Silhouette programs and devices like the Silhouette Studio Program and Silhouette blades. This printer is very efficient and will print bright and intricate colors that look exactly like what you have in your system graphic. The package includes 4 ink bottles with blue, red, yellow, and black colors, a 30×30 stamp kit, a 15×60 stamp kit, a Quick Start Guide, and a USB cord. So you see, the printer comes with all the accessories and that you will need to print your designs most the way you want.

  • Works with Mint Studio for image imports
  • Detailed stamps
  • Transforms designs from Silhouette Design Store into attractive stamps

This mint custom printer is easy to use, especially by consulting the Quick Start Guide that comes along with the other items. The USB cord is what you use to send files from your computer to the printer. And, from the comfort of your computer, you can design and send designs and images to the printer for printing.

Silhouette Mint Custom Printer Pros

The flexibility of this printer is one that we find highly welcoming. You can print designs and stamps in different colors. With Silhouette mint custom printer, you are not limited by design or color. Another pro associated with this printer is its compatibility with Mint Studio. This program gives you easy access to a wide range of features and thumbnails that you can use to improve the quality of your designs. Once you give the command by listing the print button with a click, the printer will create a detailed stamp just like what you have on your PC.

  • Valuable accessories and included
  • User-friendly
  • Prints texts and images in great detail

This Custom printer allows you to make personalized designs in line with your design ideas. Now, you can personalize your prints, stamps, and images for a much better effect. With this printer, there are few limitations, just possibilities.

Silhouette Mint Custom Printer Cons

The major criticisms of this printer are that it is more useful when combined with other Silhouette programs and tools. Even if you find a tool or program by a different brand that works with it, you may not get the kind of results you expect. The near 100% compatibility with majorly Silhouette tools and programs is a major drawback with this printer. Besides this, you will get the best prints and effects that will meet your requirements.

  • Works mainly with Silhouette programs and tools

Silhouette Mint Custom Printer Review Conclusion

Printing images and texts as designed by you is possible with this Silhouette printer. It is one of the best printers from the long line of printers by this manufacturer. The attachments in the package are durable and work well with the Silhouette Mint Custom Printer. Like we pointed out, the only drawback is the limited range since you only get the best results when you use other Silhouette programs and tools with it.  Besides that, this is one of the best printers for personalized prints.

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