Slendor Heat Press Machine Review

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Printing logos, designs, and symbols on shirts, mugs, and physical items require a durable and efficient heating device that delivers just the right quality that will remain in place for a very long time. This Slendor heat press machine is one of the best there is for premium printing.

You can use it to install attractive pictures, texts, and symbols on mugs, T-shirts, fabrics, ceramic plates, mousepads, and any other material conducive for printing.

Slendor Heat Press Machine Features

Slendor Heat Press Machine ReviewSlendor is a multifunctional heat press that you can use to create custom designs for your items. It is very efficient and ultra-fast. You can use it to print the perfect design even if it is the first time you are using it since it does not require any special skill on your part.

The heating plate is made of aluminum covered with a silicone coating. No matter how hot the plate becomes, the silicone cover remains in place because it is heat resistant. Slendor is easy to handle by holding onto the non-slip rubber handle.

  • It is 12×15 inches in length
  • The heating surface is a hot pressing pad
  • Temperature levels range from 0-482 degrees

Slendor can be operated on a full 360 degrees rotational axis due to its swing-away design.  We rate this heat press highly not only because it is efficient but also because the possibility of accidents occurring is minimal. You can move the heating elements aside, so your hand does not come in contact with it. The press also heats up very quickly in less than 10 seconds which is a great feature if you have limited time to produce a large volume of printed items.

There is also a digital control box as part of its makeup which can be pre-setted. Once the pad hits the maximum preset heat level, Slendor will shut down to prevent overheating and burning. Let us also add that the package includes several attachment aids to simplify usage.

Slendor Heat Press Pros

If you have never used a heat press before, this is one press you should go for. It has user-friendly features suitable for even first-time users. You will also find it very easy to control the temperature output with the aid of the control knob. This knob can be adjusted based on the thickness of the material you are working on.

The multifunctionality of this heat press is another great feature you will appreciate. Slendor can be used on hard and soft materials. From ceramic to polyester, this heat press has got you covered

  • A versatile device
  • Energy efficient
  • Ultimate temperature control

Slendor Heat Press Cons

This heat press is only effective if the protective plastic film is removed. Furthermore, when working on very soft fabrics, you need to be very careful; otherwise, the heat will melt the fabric. The use of this device requires maximum concentration on your path to get the best results.

  • Requires hand pressure
  • Not the best for extremely soft fabrics

Slendor Heat Press Machine Review Conclusion

If you must buy a heat press for your printing, we recommend that you buy a device that is lightweight, easy to use, and energy-efficient. This heat press by Slendor ticks all the right boxes in terms of efficiency, durability, and quality. The package has a complete set of attachments, so you will not need to spend extra cash buying them from elsewhere. The end result you get with Slendor is quality images and logos on your items that will stand the test of time.

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