TUSY Heat Press Machine Review

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Tusy Heat Press MachineIf you’re looking for an industrial quality heat press machine that’s easy to use, offers great results, and is affordably priced, the TUSY Heat Press Machine should definitely make your list of contenders. This heat press is outfitted with all of the necessary features and successfully transfers long-lasting images to a variety of substrates; plus, the price tag is quite affordable, which makes it even more attractive.

TUSY Heat Press Machine Features

The TUSY Heat Press Machine is a digital heat transfer sublimation machine. It has a large capacity heat platen, so it can be used to transfer images to a variety of items, it’s easy to use, durably built, and produces high-quality results. Some of the key features of this heat press machine include:

  • A 15 inch by 15 inch heavy-duty heat platen
  • LCD control board, which clearly displays the temperature and time
  • Easy to adjust temperature and time controls
  • Temperature range: 0 degrees to 482 degrees F
  • Time range: 0 seconds to 999 seconds
  • Adjustable pressure gauge
  • Anti-overheating feature, which dissipates heat and automatically shuts the machine off if the machine is about to overheat
  • Audible alarm sounds when the heat press machine has reached the desired temperature, and sounds again when the printing process has been completed.
  • Non-stick coated heat platen prevents damage and allows for easy use
  • Outfitted with several high-efficient heating coils to ensure even heat distribution
  • Easy-grip handle allows for easy use and improved safety during operation
  • Heavy-duty metal frame construction
  • Can be used with standard transfer equipment


The TUSY Heat Press Machine was designed with simplicity and quality results in mind. This heat press machine may not boast the wide range of features that higher-end, more expensive heat presses may offer; however, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t capable of delivering stellar performance. Some of the most notable benefits of this heat press include:

  • A 15 inch by 15 inch heat platen, which can easily accommodate various materials in a wide range of sizes, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, pillowcases, sheets, jigsaw puzzles, ID badges. It can also be used with a variety of fabrics, including cotton and synthetics.
  • The pushbutton LCD control board features a digital display for the time and temperature. Just input the desired temperature (between 0 and 482 degrees F) and time (between 0 and 999 seconds) and the settings will be clearly visible on the LCD screen.
  • An audible alarm sounds when the heat press has reached desired temperature and is ready to use.
  • An audible alarm sounds again when the heat press has completed the transfer cycle.
  • The pressure can be adjusted with the easy to turn knob, so you can achieve the ideal pressure level for the thickness of the material you are printing on.
  • An anti-overheating feature assures safe operation. The heat plate effectively dissipates heat to prevent burning and should overheating occur, the machine automatically shuts off.
  • Can be used to transfer graphic images to a variety of objects, including T-shirts, blankets, mouse pads, tote bags, sweatshirts, puzzles, ID badges, and a wide range of other items that are made of all types of materials, including cotton and synthetics.
  • Comfort grip handle further ensures easy use, as well as improved safety.
  • Small footprint; you don’t need to have a lot of space to accommodate this heat press machine.
  • Affordable price tag; compared to other machines that provide equal performance, this heat press machine is very economically priced.


While the TUSY Heat Press Machine does boast a tremendous amount of pros, there we believe are worth noting. While we don’t think that these cons will have a major impact on the efficiency or safety of the machine, we still think that it’s important to be aware of any potential issues that could arise so that you have a full understanding of the product you are purchasing.

  • It does take a little bit longer to heat up than other heat presses; however, the additional time is barely noticeable and should not impede on productivity.
  • The temperature doesn’t go as high as other heat press machines; but, the maximum setting should certainly be high enough for any project you are planning on using it for.


If you’re looking for an easy to use heat press machine that’s safe, affordable, and delivers high-quality, professional grade results, the TUSY Heat Press Machine is certainly one to consider. We were very impressed with the overall design, performance, capability, and affordability of this heat press machine.

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