UOPress 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine Review

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Uopress 9 X 9 Heat Press MachineLooking for a lightweight, portable, compact, and easy to use heat press machine? If so, then you should consider the UOPress 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine. It’s a sublimation machine that offers higher quality and faster results than a standard iron, yet it’s lighter and more compact than a professional-grade heat press.

UOPress 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine Features

The UOPress 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine is a compact sublimation heat press that is presses heat transferred images and vinyl into smaller items; socks, ID badges, and name tags, for example. The small size makes it suitable for use in virtually any location and it’s ideal for smaller craft projects.

Outfitted with a range of features, the UOPress 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine is very well-made and easy to use. Some of the most notable features include:

  • A 9 inch by 9 inch, durable heat plate.
  • Comes with a Teflon sheet and a silicone mat to protect both the machine and the materials that images are being transferred to from damage, such as scorching.
  • Dual digital LCD time and temperature display
  • Push button interface for easy adjustment of the time and temperature
  • Temperature range: 0 degrees F to 356 degrees F
  • Time range: 0 seconds to 300 seconds
  • An audible timer that sounds when the timer reaches zero to let you know when the transfer process is completed
  • Auto shut-off feature; after 10 minutes, if the machine isn’t used by still turned on, it will automatically switch to standby mode to improve safety
  • 8 pounds
  • Detailed, easy to follow user manual
  • Detailed, easy to read time and temperature reference chart


For a small sized unit, the UOPress 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine offers a number of features that make it well-suited for on-the-go crafting. In fact, it offers results that are comparable to much larger units, yet it’s much more compact and easy to transport. In addition to these benefits, some of the other advantages that this heat press machine offers include the following:

  • Compact, lightweight design; weighing just 8.8 pounds, it’s a stow-and-go heat press machine, so you can easily set it up and use it wherever you have access to a power outlet.
  • The time and temperature are easy to set, thanks to the push button interface. The temperature can be set to a maximum of 356 degrees F and the time can be set up to 300 seconds.
  • An audible alarm beeps when the selected temperature has been reached, and again when the heat transfer process is complete so you can avoid overheating.
  • Easy to use; simply input the time and temperature and it’s ready to use, right out of the box.
  • It can be used to press images into a variety of smaller items, such as ID badges, name tags, socks, baby bibs, layettes, and other smaller sized items.
  • Comes with a Teflon sheet, which helps to protect the machine from being damaged, as well as the items that you’re pressing.
  • The user manual is very easy to follow, as is the time and temperature reference chart.
  • Can be used for multiple pressings; durable enough to withstand excessive use and wear-and-tear.
  • Can press heat press paper, vinyl, and various other heat transfer materials into a wide range of substrates


While overall, the UOPreeess 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine is very well made and offers a variety of benefits that make it easy to use and ideal for smaller craft projects, there are a few downsides that we want to note. Though we don’t think that these cons will have a major impact on the overall efficiency of the machine and the quality of the results that it provides, they are worth noting so that you have a full understanding of any potential issues that can arise.

  • Some users said that it was smaller than they thought it would be; however, the description clearly states that it is only 9 inches by 9 inches and intended for use with smaller items.
  • Others said that it took a little longer than they thought it would to heat up.


If you’re looking for a heat press machine that is compact, portable, and can be used to press images and patterns into smaller items, than the UOPress 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine is definitely worth considering. It’s easy to use, durable, and produces outstanding results.

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