Use a Heat Press to Save Money on Your Child’s Sports Jerseys

Use A Heat Press To Save Money On Your Child’s Sports JerseysBaseball, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey, soccer… sports afford awesome opportunities for children. They teach camaraderie, compassion, discipline, encourage physical fitness; not to mention the mental and emotional benefits that they provide. However, while sports instill excellent values in children and can afford a wealth of opportunities, there’s one downside: they can be expensive.

The cost of equipment can be exorbitant. Bats, balls, helmets, pads, mouth guards, cleats… The expense of all of these supplies can really add up. If your child travels for games and competes in tournaments, there are all of the expenses that come along with that, too. And, if your child sustains an injury and requires medical care… Yes, having a child involved in sports can be quite rewarding, but it can also be extremely expensive. Fortunately, there’s a way that you can cut back on the expense. How? – By printing your own jerseys with a heat press machine.

How can printing your own jerseys with a heat press save you money? Read on to find out!

Printing Sports Jerseys with a Heat Press

A heat press is a machine that allows you to transfer images – either printed or made of vinyl (cut out by a vinyl cutting machine) – onto a substrate, such as textiles. Sports jerseys are, of course, garments, so the heat press is the perfect machine for creating this type of apparel. In fact, if you’ve purchase your child’s jerseys from a retailer or another supplier, chances are they were made with a heat press machine.

How Making Jerseys with a Heat Press can Save Money

How can you save money by making your child’s jerseys with a heat press? It’s simple, really; instead of having to purchase a new jersey at the start of every season, all you have to do is purchase a plain jersey, create the image that needs to be printed onto it, and voila! – In a matter of minutes you will have a professional looking jersey that looks like just as good – if not better – than the jersey you would have purchased from a retailer. The best part is that you’ll be able to produce them for a fraction of the cost!

When you compare the cost of the supplies that you need to create your child’s jerseys yourself to the price of what you would pay someone else to make them for you, you’ll see a significant savings. How can that be? – Because manufacturers charge overhead to cover the cost of supplies and labor; and of course, so they can make a profit. Since you won’t have to pay those extra expenses, you’ll pay a lot less out of pocket making them yourself.

Of course, you do have to invest in a heat press machine; but, you can purchase a decent quality device for a few hundred dollars (less, if it’s on sale or second-hand). If you have multiple children who are involved in several sports, or even if you have one child who plays on several teams, in the long run, you’ll see a major return on your investment. Plus, if you really wanted to, you could even turn it into a way to make money yourself! Consider offering to make the jerseys for the entire team at a lower rate than a retailer would charge; over the course of a few seasons and for a few teams, you can stand to make a decent profit!

The bottom line: using a heat press to make your child’s sports jerseys can not only help you save money; it can also be a way to make some money, too!